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Back pain and Ways to Eliminate it Chiropractic Advice

The common Seven back pain mistakes:

  • Continuing a treatment that doesn’t work, incorrect diagnosis
  • Failing to solve the problem the first time
  • Thinking you-re too healthy or fit to have back pain
  • Treating only the symptoms not correcting the cause
  • Not understanding that back pain is a healing process
  • Believing there are no more options left
  • Failing to take control

Pain is a message, so listen to it!

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is out of balance in some way. If the problem hasn’t resolved than your body will result in more severe pain until it is dealt with. 

The three hidden causes of all back pain include:

  • Too much- excess (overloading)
  • Too little- Deficiency (not doing core exercises)
  • Too slow- stagnation (overweight , sitting to long)

These terms revolve around the idea that in order to live pain free, you need to maintain a balance of these delicate causes. 

Too much of something for example, caffeinated drinks decrease the amount of water available to the discs in the spine to stay healthy and function optimally. This is because caffeine is a diuretic which causes humans to urinate more frequently. Too little water and they degenerate, bulge and herniate leading to nerve compression and pain. Consuming a diet that is too high in saturated fats can lead to weight gain causing an increase in the amount of strain upon the muscles, producing added pressure in the back and increases the chances of inflammation and pain. Too much training in one activity instead of a balanced routine can result in uneven muscle strength and flexibility. Too much of a sedentary lifestyle at the computer may cause shortened muscles in the backs of the legs creating back pain. Too much stress can weaken the body’s defences causing illness.

Too little of something like water can result in dehydration, toxic build up and lead to constipation and back pain. Eating too little fruits and vegetables and your body doesn’t get enough minerals it needs to stay healthy and lower the risk of you experiencing back pain. Too little exercise can result in obesity and the added strain on your body that the body is unable to obtain. Also leads to weakness of the spine.

Moving too slowly for example the slowing down of blood flow. This may be caused by a restriction in a trigger point in one of your back muscles and it may clog up and slow the firing of the muscle. There are many causes of stagnation including anxiety, tension and fear. Too much sitting can slow the blood flow to your legs causing them to clot. Too little activity, water, relaxation and stretching of elongated muscle fibres all can lead to low energy and poor circulation which may lead to muscle soreness and back pain.

The solution for a pain free life:

  • You have to focus on the cause, rather than just the symptoms- To eliminate back pain you have to ask and answer the question of the causes
  • Keep delving to find the original cause of your pain- To find the underlying cause you’ll need to identify the symptoms that’s causing the pain and work your way up. Once you’re able to identify what you’re doing too little, too much and what’s causing something to slow down, you’ll be able to identify ways you’re able to eliminate the pain.

Short term pain relief strategies:

Anti-inflammation energy supplements- Find a combination of herbs and enzymes that target reducing pain and inflammation. Combining enzymes and natural extracts can help reduce inflammation, swelling, pain and increase joint mobility and flexibility without side effects. 

Pain relief creams- Applying a rub on cream directly to the area of pain can help reduce muscle tension and promote freely moving muscles and joints in a rapid fashion however is only very short term and you’ll often need to apply the cream with another form of treatment. 

Far infrared heat therapy- Is effective in soothing pain, relaxing muscles, improving circulation and reducing fatigue without breaking the skins surface. The light therapy has been researched to delve 2-3 inched beneath your skin and target those muscles that are affected by expanding blood vessels, improving circulation and encouraging the healing process. 

Long term pain relief strategies:

Use your body in a symmetrical fashion- Tending to use more side more than the other results in strengthening some muscles while others are left underdeveloped. For a better balance and support for the spine and back we need to start using both sides as frequently as each other. Many everyday activities cause our head and shoulders to round forwards so to combat this we need to lean backwards occasionally and keep and upright posture so that all muscles are working in tandem instead of the upper muscles working more.

Adjust the workplace to encourage good posture- If you’re an office worker and sit at the computer desk make sure your computer is eye level. The mouse needs to be positioned in a way that you aren’t leaning too far to get it as this will endorse a slumped posture and you need to be operating in a chair that is providing support and comfort for your back.

Use a telephone headset- use ear holes or other forms of headsets as wedging the phone between your ear and shoulder can create unnecessary strain on your back.

Encourage postural devices- A back support cushion may be useful in supporting the back without pressuring the spine. An office type chair can be utilised as it gently tilts your pelvis forwards to encourage the natural curve in your spine and allow you to maintain an upright posture.

Eliminate the height and use of high heels in women- High heels aggravate back pain as they shorten the calf muscles, change your centre of gravity, create trigger point stress areas and make you overarch your back to keep you from falling forward.

Muscle Balance Therapy- Address the imbalances in your muscles and eliminate back pain. It reverses the process of creating your back pain that you have obtained. The therapy assesses your strength and flexibility in your spine and pelvis and identifies which muscles are strong, weak, tight, flexible, overworked or shortened. The goal of the therapy is to rebalance the muscles so that each pair is as normal as possible.

Trigger point therapy- The most effective treatment approach for knots within muscles. The therapy cannot prevent knots from occurring however can treat the ones you have presently.

Inversion therapy- Inverts the body to an upside- down position to reverse the effects of gravity. It reverses the compression caused by gravity and any muscle imbalances that may be present. It stretches the spine and muscles out giving the discs room to resorb fluids and return back to their normal positions.

Flexion Distraction done by a chiropractor – to increase lumbar spine disc space and stretch lower back muscles

Electrotherapy to lower back (IFC) – to reduce inflammation and muscle spasm
Activator and gentle adjustments completed by your chiropractor – to restore range of motion and joint function

Soft tissue work to lower back to release trigger points and promote blood flow Gentle traction adjustment Lower back – to restore range of motion and joint function of the spine

At Lakeside Chiropractic we can help you manage back pain with our multi modal approach. Located centrally to Perth Northern suburbs; in Joondalup. With visitors from various surrounding suburbs such as; Padbury, Kinross, Mindarie, Sorrento, Iluka, Carramar, Currambine, Tapping, Pearsall, Hocking and Woodvale. HICAPS Facilities available on site for major private health insurers ( NIB, HCF,HBF,AHM,HCI,HIF ) and also apart of the Medibank preferred practitioner and BUPA Members first network. If you would like to discuss any concerns, have any enquiries or wish to book an appointment; feel free to contact one of our friendly staff on 9300 0095 or visit our website at

October 22, 2019