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Ottobock Elbow Brace Epi Forsa Plus

This brace applies targeted and controlled pressure to the affected forearm. Designed for relief of tennis, golf and gardening elbow.

Spikey Massage Ball

Its spikey surface is designed to give a deep massage and trigger blood flow to help rid your body of sore areas.


K-Tape is a stretchy adhesive tape used is used to aid musculoskeletal, sports injuries and inflammatory conditions. Almost identical to skin it can be worn without restricting movement.

Allcare D-Roll Lumbar Support

This Lumbar Support has an elasticated strap to secure the D-shape roll to your chair for correct lumbar support while sitting and frequently changing positions.

Allcare Foam rollers

Made of high density foam, this form is multi-functional. Can be used for self-massage, balance and motor skill development, stretching and core stability training.


Denneroll is a simple, yet complex, pillow like device with engineered shapes from CBP evidence based model. Its design helps to correct curvatures of the spine.

Allcare Light Back Support

This is made of flexible, light and breathable material to provide support to the lower back and relieve pain.

Vasyli Low Profile Orthotic Prior

This is a low profile, medial arch contour that is comfortable and assists in stabilising and supporting the foot when in cleats or studded sports shoes.

Vasyli Blue ¾ Orthotics

Orthotics are a medium density orthotic for the average person with general orthotic needs, providing excellent biomechanical control.

Mimos Pillow

These are designed for the prevention and correction of plagiocephaly and brachycephaly (flat head) in babies and infants. They are made of lightweight breathable material

Mimos Pillow Cover

Made from a fully breathable synthetic material, the covers are perfect protection from sweat, spillage and vomit. They are certified safe for contact with baby’s skin.

Complete Sleeper Pillow

Features removable foam inserts providing over 12 different adjustment options, so you can create the pillow to suit your comfort level.

Coccyx Wedge Cushion Cut Out

This has a 9 degree tilt to encourage the correct pelvic tilt, with a cut out to relieve pain in the tailbone area.

Lumbar Wedge Cushion

Keeps the body in natural alignment while seated.

Theracumin Triple

Three times more concentrated than standard Theracumin, it may help reduce joint inflammation and support healthy digestive function.

doTerra Ice Blue Rub

A topical cream with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, plant extracts and additional helpful ingredients that provide a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas.

Cork Heel Lift

Designed for a comfortable fit in managing leg deficiencies. They are light weight and don’t change the weight of the shoe and generally last as long as the shoe.

Theracumin Bioactive

A highly bioavailable form of curcumin. One tablet provides the bioequivalence of 810mg of common, unformulated curcumin.

Lupin Heat Pack

Suitable for all parts of the body, generally stays warmer longer than traditional wheat packs. Can be used as a hot or cold pack

Coccyx Wedge Complete

Promotes proper posture, enabling longer periods of comfortable sitting by supporting the back from underneath.