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    Looking for a quality chiropractic clinic in Joondalup, Perth?

    Chiropractic treatment maybe a great way to stay healthy, recover from illness or injury, and relieve your aches and pains. Here at Lakeside Chiropractic in Joondalup, Perth we offer friendly and professional chiropractic care when treating, but not limited to:

    • Back pain
    • Neck pain
    • Headaches
    • Migraines
    • Trapped nerve
    • Shoulder or elbow pain
    • Hip or knee pain
    • Sports injuries
    • Frozen shoulder
    • Sports Injuries
    • Joint pain
    • We treat pregnant ladies and babies

    We are a patient centered chiropractic care clinic in Perth that spends time with you. Regular treatment times are up to 20 minutes and extended treatment times last up to 30 minutes. These sessions allow our chiropractors to be very thorough when assessing and treating your conditions. Likewise, it gives us time to listen to your needs and strive to understand your pain and concerns so that you receive the best chiropractic care possible. Care plans are uniquely catered to each patient based on symptoms, patient history and the patient’s personal preferences for treatment. If required or indicated, we can also refer you to Insight Imaging for bulk billed x-rays and affordable MRI scans with short wait times. These accurate scans will ensure that nothing is missed.

    At Lakeside Chiropractic in Joondalup, we include both chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques. This allows us to fully manage the joints, soft tissues and, if relevant, any affected nerves. Fortunately, we have many tools available at our chiropractic clinic to enable us to provide the best care you can receive. Our chiropractors are well trained in manual adjustments, activator adjustments, drop piece adjustments and biomechanical blocking. Moreover, we have access to flexion-distraction tables, electrotherapy and dry needling – all of which our chiropractors are adept at utilizing. Our wide range of treatment options means that we will find a solution to your symptoms: if one treatment option doesn’t suit you or work then another will.

    If you’d like to reduce your pain levels and achieve optimum health, come along to our chiropractic clinic in Joondalup, Perth. You’ll find our care centre on Central Walk across the road from the City of Joondalup Library, so we’re easy to reach for any patient from Perth centre through to the northern suburbs. Parking with easy access. With HICAPS onsite you can claim immediately from your Health Fund at the end of your visit. No referral required.

    We look forward to taking care of you.


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    Neck Pain Relief

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    Chiropractic may correct dysfunctions in the spine to relieve neck pain and disability.

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