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Pregnancy and Babies

I can feel babys heartbeat.

A local chiropractor in Perth Joondalup and mother of two, Dr. Linda Schiller explains how chiropractic may assist expecting mums and their babies.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience backache, neck pain or postural strain, especially in the lumbar region. That’s because there are many changes going on in your body at this time, which can lead to discomfort.

First and most obviously, you gain up to 30-40lbs in weight, which is distributed differently and makes your centre of gravity shift forward. These effects increase demand on the pelvic and spinal muscles and ligaments, which can lead to fatigue and strain.

Secondly, the hormone ‘relaxin’ is produced, which ‘softens’ your muscles, cartilage and ligaments to accommodate and deliver the baby, but can also lead to joint stress.

Chiropractic may be a way to relieve the back pain during pregnancy, while taking the needs of the mother and foetus into account.

Potential benefits of pre-natal chiropractic care include:

  • Relieving pressure on the spine by stretching
  • Gently correcting misaligned vertebrae
  • Re-establishing the natural position and mobility of the joints
  • Establishing proper alignment of the pelvic bones.
  • Ensuring normal nerve impulses remain free from interference

In studies, 84% of women reported reduced back pain through chiropractic care, with 39% of mums reporting shorter labour times (for first-time mums it was 24%).

Chiropractic for Babies

In research by doctors, Klougart and Nilsson, it was found that chiropractic interventions benefited colicky babies in as little as two sessions, through:

  • Achieving early detection and elimination of joint dysfunction
  • Attaining relief from digestive disturbances (if the underlying problem arises from a misaligned spine)

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