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Sept 2017 Update

New to our practice: To help keep you in optimum fitness and health, Dr Linda Schiller has now made available a Low Level Laser for you to hire and take home. We will show you how to use it and go through protocols before you take it. This means that you can complement treatment at home with your clinic visits. 

As Barry Sheene made a point of telling Dr Linda during one of his chiro treatments “Safety first”, she’s never forgotten it! 

With spring starting and physical activity increasing it is always good to make sure you have the correct equipment and it’s in good working order to minimise injury to yourself. Runners should have tread on them, helmets should fit securely, sunglasses and sunscreen for when you are outside in the sun, and racquets with good string and clothing loose enough to allow full movement when exercising or playing. Don’t forget a proper warm up 

In the clinic we have orthotics for sports shoes if you need a little extra support, doTerra Ice Blu Rub for warming up tight muscles, braces and strapping for extra joint support and our wonderful chiropractors. Our chiropractors love to know you are active but also that you are safe.

Thanks yet again for all the referrals this months. We feel blessed meeting and treating your whole family. 

If you would like a check-up before the spring season is in full swing or would like to know more about the Low Level Laser at home hire and uses please call us on 9300 0095. We are always here for you.