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July 2017 Update

It has been a bit of a whirlwind of a month. Linda is now on her time off travelling through London and France. We have Dr Joseph McKay here to help keep on top of your treatments along with Kaitlyn back from her time off.

Last month, Linda went on to a Cold Laser Seminar and learnt about new procedures and protocols available. If you or a family member have an ailment that you require treatment, maybe the Cold Laser is a way for you. Please ask at your next visit if Cold Laser can assist in your healing.
With cooler weather, warm food becomes welcoming on the cold night to you. Try to keep on top of the nutrients in you food, sometimes smuggling in extra veggies gives your body extra fighting power against colds and flus. Here are a few, new winter dinner ideas:

  • Meatball soup – add pasta or legumes for extra comfort, try your favourite holiday destination for flavour inspiration
  • Individual Shepard’s Pies in soft taco shells for less washing up, try lentils for a meat free option or sweet potato for a lower GI option
  • Stuffed Potatoes – can be tailored to individual tastes, try bacon and eggs or a Mexican inspired bean mix

Stay safe and keep warm.