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It’s no secret that on most days many of us would rather eat a cheeseburger and fries over a salad, but unfortunately for us, a cheeseburger does not fill our body with the right nutrients it needs. For those who struggle to intake the recommended 2 fruits and five vegs every day and despise the thought of a salad for lunch or dinner, juices and smoothies may be the best way that you can keep your body happy and healthy. Juices and smoothies, when done right, can be healthy and delicious at the same time! Smoothies and juices are great for filling your body with a range of nutrients that your body may not be getting in your daily diet.

Below are some Juices and smoothies that are nutritious in different ways! Hopefully, you can find something you like!

Green Smoothie

-200ml Coconut water
-45g celery
-2 leaves of Kale
-1 fresh green apple
-70g cucumber
-100g Ice
Add mint or dates for some extra sweetness!

Vegetable Juice

- Small piece of beetroot
-100 ml Carrot
-5 ml celery
-50 ml cucumber
-100ml coconut water
-15g Spinach
-Add ice to chill the juice
Add ginger or lemon to add an extra kick!

Berry Smoothie

-200 ml of Coconut water/milk can all be used as a base
-Tablespoon of Blueberries
-Tablespoon of raspberries
-4 Strawberries
- add 100g of ice or 1 banana for thickness!
Add watermelon or passionfruit for extra sweetness!

Tropical Smoothie

-100ml Coconut water/milk
- mango
- pineapple
-1 orange
-15g Kale
-100g Ice
Add Banana or avocado for a creamier smoothie!

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April 24, 2017