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So one day you decide you want to run a marathon. Do you just get off the couch and run 42km? No, you train for it. You break it down in to achievable goals. The same goes for any new routine or habit you are wanting to change.

Yes, there will always be work to do either at home or at the office, doesn’t mean you need to bust a brain valve to get it done all in one day. You want the job done to the best of your ability but don’t at the detriment to your health and well-being. Prioritise. Make a list of what need to be done and break it done it.

Do you want to be home with the family for the evening meal or go to sports training with mates? Organise with your work place a finish time that is best to achieve the desired result. You may not be able to every night of the week, but at least you’re starting the conversation for balance to happen in your life. Maybe choose the meal to cook together or let the family know when you will be home.

Routines take time to establish and to become second nature. Give yourself time to adjust to new choices, one week won’t be enough time, give it a one or two months and then you will notice that everything starts to flow nicely. Change is hard for some people, they see obstacles rather than the end result. For the marathon runner the end result is the medal around the neck. For a worker it’s the in-tray empty at the end of the week.

Most people have heard the phrase “Chunk It Down”. It means to break down your list, understand what really is important or urgent to the things that can wait. For a parent at home the drawing with their child is probably more important than the clothes washing, maybe start the washing machine then go finish the masterpiece with crayons and glitter and hang out the clothes while your child is having quiet time.

Technology has crept into all aspects of our lives, now it seems weird not to have a device around beeping or a machine telling us what needs to be done next. How about an hour a night with no devices? Like no phones or tablets at the table for dinner or no TV before dinner. Be in the moment and commit to what you want to do with no distractions. 

The start of new things are hard, you need space and time to allow yourself to process issues with clarity and perspective rather than raw emotion and jumping in with a rash response. Live in the now and pace yourself for a long, healthy, productive and happy life. Sometimes you will need to be in the fast lane with deadlines, other times in the back seat watching the world go by. Enjoy the journey of life. 


March 30, 2017