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Where You Should Locate Your Wallet and Why

Where You Should Locate Your Wallet and Why

Your wallet is one of the most important accessories and many of us keep it in our back pocket at all times. You may keep it in your back pocket all day while you’re driving, catching public transport and sitting at your desk. However, this small accessory can lead to muscle imbalances and nerve irritation in the lower back and hips. One of the main causes of low back pain is your bulky wallet that you place in the back pocket. But then where should you keep it?

wallet in back pocket

Why you should not put your wallet in back pocket? [1]

Keeping your bulky wallet in your back pocket causes the buttock to be raised when seated. This leads to a pelvic tilt and therefore causes the spine to curve, creating an imbalance of load transfer. The imbalance of load transfer on one side may cause muscle strain – particularly affecting the low back muscles.

The wallet may also compress the skin, nerves and muscles in the area causing reduced blood flow to the affected buttock and leg. This can lead to numbness along the back of the leg. Over an extended period of time a tilted pelvis can lead to:

  • Low back pain
  • Numbness and tingling in the leg
  • Muscle weakness to one side of the legs and thigh

What is the solution?

The best solution is to ensure that your wallet isn’t in any of your pockets while you are in a seated position, especially in the back pocket.

Some recommendations from health practitioners include:

  • Use a minimalist wallet that easily fits into your jacket or shirt pockets.
  • Clear all the junk out of the wallet to keep your wallet slim that only lets you hold a few things at a time such as ID and a couple of cards.
  • Evenly distribute the contents into more than one pocket such as using your front pockets and not the back ones.
  • Use a front pouch
  • Take your wallet out your back pocket when sitting

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1. The Effect of Wallet Thickness on Spine Posture, Seat Interface Pressure, and Perceived Discomfort During Sitting: IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors: Vol 2, No 2 (

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April 26, 2022