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What is causing your neck pain Different causes of neck pain that chiropractic can help you with in Perth

There can be a variety of underlying factors giving you neck pain!

The most common causes are vertebral dysfunction, traumatic sprain/strain whiplash and cervical spondylosis. Chiropractic specialises in identifying and providing treatment and management plan for the specific cause of your neck pain.

Firstly vertebral dysfunction is either facet joint dysfunction (articular surface of neighbouring vertebrae) or referred pain.

  • Local pain to problem facet joint problem in neck
  • Referred pain into the neck or arm not following a specific nerve pattern
  • Pain with neck  movement
  • Usually  history of mild-moderate trauma, can be without trauma
  • Can also be repetitive microtrauma
  • Poor posture or sitting at computer for long hours can be associated with it.

How may chiropractic care ease neck pain as a results of vertebral dysfunction?

Manipulations and mobilisation has been shown to reduce symptoms in patients with mechanical neck pain (neck pain on movement). Soft tissue techniques, heat/cold therapies, dry needling and interferential may all ease with neck pain. Chiropractic also manages vertebral dysfunction with postural correction and deep neck flexor strengthening.

Torticollis is a condition of vertebral dysfunction. This type of neck pain can be moderate to severe, where the head is tilted to one side. Usually if the neck is brought out of this relieving position, the muscles in your neck will spasm causing severe neck pain. Our chiropractors may assist you with pain control, restoring the normal range of motion and postural correction. This may be managed with manipulation, mobilisation, massage and dry needling.

Disc herniation commonly known as a “slipped disc” can cause nerve signs and symptoms. This can cause neck pain with deep ache that’s worse in the morning. Sometimes there is a history of trauma, usually on one side. The neck pain is aggravated with flexing and extending your neck, restricted movement, and the neck pain tends to be relieved when you place your hand on your head.

The chiropractic clinicians at Lakeside Chiropractic will take a multimodal approach in managing the disc herniation in your neck or back. Firstly an x-ray should be taken to rule out any other cause of the nerve presentation, such as a bony impingement. Chiropractic manipulation and mobilisations will be done in combination with exercise programme to reduce your neck pain and improve daily functions. Postural education, functional rehabilitation and soft tissue techniques are also incorporated.

Whiplash is one of the most common types of neck injuries. There will be pain and stiffness in the neck, a history of trauma, pain in the upper neck and shoulder, headache is common and symptoms can be delayed up to 96 hours, however should present within 24 hours. The severity of the whiplash is graded from 1-4, depending on other complications on top of the neck pain. This will determine the treatment approach the chiropractor will provide. Initially rest and ice will be advised for pain control. Soft tissue techniques, massage and dry needling can be provided by your chiropractor and manipulation in those less severe cases of whiplash. Our chiropractors will also provide an active exercise programme that will restore your neck’s range of motion and re-educate neck muscles.

Cervical Myelopathy- Myelopathy refers to any damage to the spinal cord. This will present with neck and shoulder pain/ stiffness, wide based walking and change in walking pattern , loss of feeling in hand arms/hands and low back pain. Our chiropractors at Lakeside chiropractic will quickly identify this issue with certain diagnostic tests and send immediate referral for appropriate care.

Cervical Instability is when a certain vertebrae is moving too much, causing a variety of issues depending on the severity of the instability. This includes neck pain, muscle spasm, apprehension to moving head into a certain position, feeling of a lump in your throat, lip/ facial paralysis, severe headache, dizzy, nausea, vomiting, your eyes moving rapidly side to side (nystagmus) and pupil dilation. Our chiropractors can identify this neck issue through imaging studies such as x-rays and provide appropriate care (exercises) or referral.

 Our chiropractors in Joondalup will identify the cause of your neck pain and provide the appropriate treatment for your specific case. Along with specific chiropractic techniques used to assist in the recovery of your neck pain, Lakeside Chiropractic offers a range therapies to maximize your benefits including- massage, dry needling, interferential, soft tissue therapy, ultrasound, and strapping.

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May 31, 2016