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Visiting a Sports Injury Specialist in Perth

If you need a sports injury therapist in Perth, look no further than Dr. Linda Schiller at Lakeside Chiropractic. Located on 3/45 Central Walk in Joondalup 6027, Lakeside Chiropractic is easy to find, open to all members of the public, and can you get you in on the very same day you make your appointment. As an added bonus, they can also guarantee you receive treatment on that very same day as well. The friendly staff at Lakeside Chiropractic is passionate about musculoskeletal treatment and can make sure all your health and fitness goals can still be met even despite your injury. The staff will work closely with you to accurately diagnose any condition, and then provide top notch treatment unmatched by any other sports injury chiropractor in Perth.




When it comes to qualifications in sports injuries, Dr. Schiller is unparalleled in the chiropractic industry. Holding both a post-graduate diploma in Sports Chiropractic (CCSP) in addition a Master’s degree in Chiropractic Technology, Dr. Schiller is a highly trained therapist, and will make certain your needs are met. She has worked with numerous professional athletes . Dr. Linda Schiller and the rest of the staff at Lakeside Chiropractic are well qualified and passionate about helping you recover from your sports-related injury so you can get back to being your best.



June 04, 2014