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A great way to increase your nutritional intake needed for optimum wellbeing

Everybody is different. Repeating the same thing over and over again can be boring and draining, physically, emotionally and internally. The seasons change as does the weather, we should adapt our plates and cups to reflect that as well. One ingredient can make a huge difference to the recipe. 

There are many reports saying you should juice your food to get the best into your diet, others say that blending the fruit and vegetables into smoothies is best. As we said at the start, everybody is different. 

Juicing does remove the fiber but it allows more variation to be added to the one serving, allowing that serving to contain multiple servings of nutrients at one time. For those who don’t get regular vegetables in their diet due to dislikes, it can be a way to manage any deficiencies. 
Smoothies are blended food with a liquid, this means you are keeping the whole food with fiber intact. This way of making the food allows for extra ingredients to be added, like protein or fats. Smoothies can be a meal in a cup with all the nutritional balance included.

So what is the best option for you? It still comes to personal preference. If you have been unwell or your gut is acting up, then juicing could be best for you as it is a simpler form ready for your body to convert to fuel. If you are post-work out from the gym then a smoothie would be best for your body’s recovery. 

When making your juice always make sure that it is balanced for your body. Juices should be mainly fruit or vegetable as food starches are broken down differently in the body to other food groups and mixing them together can cause bloating and gas. Also, juices can pack more carbs into a serving that you expect so just be mindful that you don’t give yourself a blood sugar spike due to the concentrate of the natural sugars in the foods used.

Smoothies are more adaptable to what is needed in your diet. You can make it creamy by using a type of milk as your base or you can make it taste fresher by using a fruit or coconut water as your base. Smoothies are great post workout because you can add supplements like protein, chia, immunity or green tea to them, giving the smoothie an extra nutritious boost! Adding supplements such as protein and chia also aids in recovery post workout. Smoothies can also be quite filling and can reduce cravings, meaning that you will be fuller throughout the day and will be less inclined to snack. A perk of smoothies is that most kids seem to enjoy them too! Smoothies are a great way to disguise all those fruit and vegetables kids seem to not enjoy eating.

Juices are best to be consumed with food or between meals, and shouldn’t be used as a meal replacement. However, smoothies, when packed with the correct ingredients, can be used as a replacement meal for breakfast or lunch. For example, a smoothie that is filled with fruit, yogurt, and protein is a perfect substitute for your normal breakfast, as it is filling and still gives your body the nutrients and energy it needs to start the day.

So now that you’ve expanded your knowledge about juices and smoothies, why not give it a go yourself! If you’re not sure what will taste good together, experiment a little, not everyone likes the same thing, and it’s really up to you to find out your favorite blend!  However, if you are struggling a little to think of some combinations, start with just 3 ingredients then work your way up from there, remember a base ingredient is the key to a good juice or smoothie. Juicing and smoothie making can actually be loads of fun and once you get into a routine of making one every day you will start to feel the benefits that having good health leads to!

If you are needing any more help with diet or foods please ask when you are at your next appointment. We are located in Joondalup – 6027, central to Kinross - 6028, Currambine - 6028, Padbury - 6025, Hillarys - 6025, Woodvale - 6026, Heathridge - 6027, Craigie - 6027 and Edgewater – 6027.

May 02, 2017