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Thumper Mini Pro Hand held Massager for sale

There are times when all you want is for someone to massage your back and shoulders. Whether it be help unwind at the end of the day or you’ve been suffering pain in a particular area.

Introducing the Thumper Mini Pro Handheld Massager- a great home massaging tool!

This is a portable massage tool that weighs only 1.4kgs making it a versatile device for at home or when travelling. The handle has been ergonomically designed for single or double hand use, so you can easily maintain a grip while massaging, even your mid-back.

The Thumper Mini Pro has a smooth percussion movement that propels two massage spheres up and down. Due to the design there is virtually no kick back through the handle for the user. There are 3 speed settings making it suitable of thinner muscle groups, children and elderly. The percussion is basically a tapping massage which can be used to break up scar tissue. The short duration pulses also relieve tension and increase blood flow.

By choosing the strength and speed yourself you are able to massage muscles up to a half a centimetre deep, which means you can have that deep muscle massage anytime you want it. In being able to adjust the settings, it also makes the thumper appropriate for the use in children to the elderly.

Unlike other home massage systems the Thumper Mini Pro doesn’t vibrate the skin. The Thumper can be used through clothing providing more flexibility for uses, as well there is no need to use oils or lotions. The massage spheres are easily cleaned by wiping clean with a damp cloth if used directly on the skin.

Benefits of the Thumper:

  • Strong, smooth movement
  • No attachments required, can be used for all parts of the body
  • Easy to reach all areas- shoulders, back, legs
  • Allows 1 or 2 handed use of device
  • Speed settings for the pulses
  • Easy to clean
  • Long service life

Lakeside Chiropractic has the Thumper Mini Pro Hand held Massager which is used in a vast majority of treatment in clinic, and also available to purchase from us for at home use. The Thumper is commonly used in combination with other treatment modalities available here at Lakeside Chiropractic. This includes- cold laser therapy, interferential therapy, ultrasound therapy, dry needling, chiropractic adjustments and mobilisations, and prescribe exercise and stretches, with advice on how to assist in the recovery.

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January 31, 2017