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The effects of stress on the Spine and Muscles

More than 30% of people are victims of stress, as everyone experiences problems or troubles on a day to day basis. The most powerful motivator we all have is survival, the next is to be recognised, appreciated and approved. Approval is a very powerful thing that we all seek.

This is why we never like to be denied of something or be told the word “No”. We tend to pay a higher value on these negatives than positives, which is why when we are having a perfectly good day a simple negative person or experience can change this to the worst day! A lifetime filled of 90% positives can be ruined by a few negatives, this is simple human nature to put emphasis on the downfalls in life.
If you keep in mind no matter how nice, friendly, efficient you are going to get 80% approval, 10% will work out fair and just 10% will never work out. If you think about this when placed in a negative situation, it will help put everything into perspective and considerably decrease your stress level.

Next we all need to stop worrying! Worry is created by fear, and fear is develops from the thought of losing something physical, emotional or financial, or loss of not being approved. There for fear is self induced. 95% of things you worry about will never take place and the other 5% is hardly ever as bad we think it will be. In other words worry is self punishment and basically the cause of all stress.
Eight out of ten individuals suffer from lower back or neck pain as a result of stress, which is the first physical sign that something is wrong in the body. Overall symptoms of stress-related neck and back pain include;

• Diffuse muscle aches
• Muscles tender points
• Sleep disturbances and fatigue
• Pain when moving around
• Loss of mobility
• Repetitive Clicking of joints
• Difficulty getting comfortable

If stress levels elevate even further this induces undue stress on your spine where the muscles tend to pull to one side, causing a curvature of the spine. If this stress is great enough it can cause an impingement of nerves coming out of the spine, which can result in;

• Headaches
• Muscles tension
• Neck Pain and upper back pain
• Nerve interruptions- muscles and organs of the body (For example, the 6th thoracic nerve controls your stomach funThe effects of stress on the Spine and Musclesction, so if this is impinged it will affect the function of this organ)
• Buttock and Leg pain (sciatica)
• Shoulder and arm pain

The body’s decreased ability to cope with the pain is only a result of a problem. It is important to remember that the pain is not the problem, there is an underlying cause in which chiropractic practice can help in identifying and diagnosing. Neck pain, headaches and lower back pain will not only give you discomfort but can also effect the nerve control of various bodily systems. In saying so by avoiding stress it will reduce muscles tightness that can lead to nerve pinching, which in turn can prevent many organ and body problems.

If you are under stress and feel as though it is starting to affect you physically, our experienced clinicians at Lakeside Chiropractic may keep you moving and assist your body functionally. Removing the pain and musculoskeletal tension is your first step to recovery, living life stress free and at your optimum. We stive to understand your stress!

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June 18, 2015