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The 7 day back pain cure Chiropractic advice

Common myths surrounding back pain

Continuing a treatment that doesn’t work

If you’re using a back pain solution that does not work or has not completely worked, it is worth seeking alternate or different approaches. In saying that, if you can’t see an improvement or a change in pain levels within 3 months, consider making a change of treatment options. What you should be looking for is a long-lasting relief, not one that wears off in a few hours.

• Failing to solve the problem the first time

It’s common for people to get pain which only lasts a few days and then goes away and then the patient forgets about it. Why not true address the cause, before it comes back again or worsens the next time. There is a miss conception that when the pain goes away so does the problem. Although the truth is, even if the pain goes away the cause is still waiting to flare up again. Acknowledge the triggers and seek help sooner rather than later, even if you don’t think the episodes are related, it could be the same underlying problem just with different triggers. This will save your body having to compensate for the dysfunction.

All back pain is more than likely due to three things; excess, so having too much of something, deficiency, having too little of something and stagnation, being too slow with something. Therefore maintaining a balance between these three in your body, mind and diet.

• Treating only the symptoms

Even if your pain has gone, the problem is still going to be there. It’s similar if you fuel light comes on, you can put tape over the light and forget it is there but your car will eventually breakdown, therefore only receiving pain reliefs, only the symptom of pain is being addressed. Pain is a message and is your bodies’ way of telling you that something is wrong and it needs help.

• Not understanding that back pain is a process

Usually back pain, neck pain or sciatica takes years to develop, although you are not aware of a problem until the pain starts. Most commonly people are sitting for extended periods of the day at work/home and this is putting extra pressure/stressors on the spine and also shortening muscles and this is done for many years. Therefore after doing this over a long period of time certain muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints wear down, while other areas of the body that are rarely used become stiff and weak. This sequence can manifest into many different types of musculoskeletal injuries or weaknesses and can change depending on stress levels and/or diet.

• Failing to take control

Passive care, such as chiropractic or massage therapy is very useful for back pain sufferers, although it is also encourage to adopt responsibility and determination to help yourself get better. Ask our chiropractors for stretches or supplements (ie magnesium) that can help with your injury.

Consider your job or your hobby. Are you leaning forwards for majority of them time. For example do you sit at a desk using a computer and also enjoy running, cycling, soccer etc, you’re almost always leaning forwards. The muscles in the front of your body will become stronger and shorter while the back muscles are becoming weakened and stretched out. This causes an imbalance in the forces in your spine and can consequently distort the curvature of your spine. This can even happen when you’re carrying a hand bag to heavy or a laptop or even a child or grandchild. Ask your chiropractor of stretches or movements to counteract the positions you spend most of your day in.

Common muscle imbalances seen by chiropractors include

Forward-Tipped Pelvis. This is from tight hip flexors at the front of your hips and weaker abdominals, hamstrings and buttock muscles. This then causes the pelvis to be pulled down and forwards causes excessive curve in the lower back and causes the abdomen to protrude. This is common is people that sit for extended periods of time.

Forward Head and Neck. This causes the muscles in the chest and at the base of the neck to tighten up. This is commonly seen in people that are hunched over for long periods, for example over computers, steering wheels and office desk.

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November 05, 2019