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Tendons are tough fibrous connective tissues joining the muscle to bone. A tendinopathy refers to any damage or excessive load that has been placed on a specific tendon. They appear to be a sudden occurrence, however it is usually a result of repetitive overloading. Tendinopathy can be categorized into either a tendinitis or tendinosis depending on the severity of damage to the tendon. Tendinitis means inflammation of a tendon, this is a result of a load that is too great for the tendon to endure. Tendinosis is the damage to a tendon as a result of chronic buildup of small micro tears.  This is chronic degeneration without the presence of inflammation, as the tendon doesn’t heal properly in its early inflammatory stage, resulting in pain and disability. Often it occurs local to the tendon site where you can pin point the exact location. The most common sites of tendinopathy’s include your shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle.

What are the symptoms you may experience with tendinitis?

  • Pain, stiffness, loss of strength of affected limb
  • Inflammation- red, swollen, warm
  • Clicking or grinding feeling during motion
  • Increase pain with use 
  • Increase in pain/stiffness at night or upon waking in the morning

There are four phases in which a tendon progresses from tendinitis to a tendinosis. Although the two conditions are very similar, their management should be different. The well trained chiropractors at Lakeside Chiropractic in Perth are very aware of this and will identify the exact stage your tendon is at for appropriate and optimum care!

The four stages of tendinopathy’s include:

  • Reactive- Normal tissue adaption.
  • Disrepair- Injury rate is greater than the recovery rate.
  • Degenerative- Cell death.
  • Tear/ Rupture- Tissue breakdown and loss of function.

Once reaching a clear diagnosis our experienced chiropractors will incorporate a variety of treatment modalities best suited for the recovery. These treatment modalities ranging from those used in physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, massage therapy and other allied health fields. This includes- Soft tissue therapy, dry needling, mobilizations, interferential therapy, personalized exercise/ rehabilitation programs, trigger point therapy and ultrasound. By providing such a large range of services we ensure that you receive the correct treatment for your tendinitis. 

If you are looking for tendinitis treatment Lakeside Chiropractic is located central to the northern suburbs of Perth. Surrounding suburbs include- Hillarys,Kinross, Heathridge, Connolly, Mindarie, Burns Beach, Craigie, Ocean Reef, Iluka, Tapping, Banksia Grove, Edgewater, Pearsall, Mullaloo and Whitfords. With HICAPs on site you can claim immediately from your Health Fund Provider. We are able to process claims for HBF, Medibank, Bupa, HIF, Frank and Defence Health. If yours is not listed, ask at the time of your booking. You can contact us on 9300 0095, or visit our website to make an enquiry or booking.

October 11, 2016