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Spiky Massage Ball – Usage and Benefits

Spiky Massage Ball – Usage and Benefits

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What is the spiky massage ball?

spiky ballThe spiky massage ball is a self-used tool to aid in rehabilitation and muscle recovery. They are designed for muscle-related conditions and are a convenient item to have for quick and easy treatment and pain relief. These useful items are easily accessible as they are sold at most clinics and pharmacies. Due to their small size and accessibility they are the perfect tool to have at home or on the go for any immediate usage.

Why use the spiky ball?

There are several health benefits to using a spiky massage ball. These chiropractic instruments are especially beneficial for times when you are feeling muscle soreness and/or tightness after exercise or prolonged sitting. Due to their portability and affordability, they are convenient to have on hand when it is difficult to book a last minute appointment with your massage therapist or chiropractor, this is especially convenient during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This tool can be utilised to help relieve muscle tightness and knots in the body. It is a form of self-massage therapy which targets the myofascial system to help improve blood flow and decrease muscle stiffness. This in turn aids in the progress of rehabilitation and speeds up physical recovery. Due to the firm and spiky surface of the massage ball it is easier to reach difficult areas and deep muscle rigidness.

What are myofascial trigger points?

trigger point chartTrigger points are the painful spots of tightness you feel in your muscles. This term refers to the tight bands of muscles which feel painful when they become compressed. They are commonly referred to as muscle “knots”.

Areas to treat with the spiky massage ball:

  • Shoulder
  • Traps
  • Glutes/ buttocks
  • Hip flexors/front of hips
  • Calf
  • Feet (soles)

How to use: Spiky balls are very easy to use, simply apply to the area of muscle soreness and roll the ball in a massaging motion. It is recommended to treat for approximately five minutes.


shoulder exerciseWedge the ball between your shoulder blades and a wall, proceed to roll the ball around your back by moving your torso and massage into sore area.


traps exerciseUse the ball to apply pressure on to the upper trapezius muscle that requires treatment, use your palm to roll and massage into the muscle.


glutes exerciseLay on your bag, cross one leg over the other and put the ball underneath the straight leg on the glute. Roll and massage.

Hip flexors

hip exerciseLay face down and place the ball in the crevice to the left or right side of your groin (just below the hip) and move your body to roll.


calves exerciseWith your legs outstretched place the ball underneath your calf muscle and use your arms to roll your body up and down to massage into the painful area.


feet exercisePlace ball underneath the foot, point your toes up to allow for more pressure to apply (if necessary) and roll.


PLEASE DO NOT use spiky massage ball if you have recent injury with broken skin, badly bruised or joint inflammation. Do seek advice from your practitioner prior to using spiky massage ball.

If you are still unsure about spikey massage ball, please do not hesitate to visit us at Lakeside chiropractic clinic. Here, we have professional chiropractors that can assess your condition and recommend the right spikey massage ball accordingly. Of course, at Lakeside we are not only limited to manual adjustments, but we also do soft tissue therapy, dry needling, cold laser therapy and remedial massage. If you would like to discuss any concerns or enquires, feel free to contact us at (08) 93000095 or head to our website to book an appointment online.

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October 04, 2021