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Snapping Hip Syndrome Chiropractors Perth

Snapping Hip Syndrome is a disease characterised by an audible snap when the hips brought forwards or backwards. Snapping hip generally occurs secondary to either in the joint or outside the joint conditions. Intra articular causes may include loose bodies, synovial chondromatosis, hip subluxation or ischemic necrosis while extra articular causes mostly involve a thickening of the posterior border of the iliotibial band over the greater trochanter or thickening of the anterior border of the gluteus maximus as it snaps over the greater trochanter. Patients can often reproduce the snapping sensation, which over time may result in a secondary inflammation.

Common signs and symptoms of snapping hip syndrome involve:

  • An audible snapping sound when flexing and extending the hip
  • Pain worsening with activity
  • Pain beginning as annoying and irritating and worsening with time unless treated
  • Inability to carry out normal activities and pain with movement e.g. walking and cycling

Functional tests can be used to help differentiate snapping hip syndrome from other conditions including: 

  • Ober test: patient lays on side with their superior leg flexed and raised away from the other leg passively by the doctor. The doctor slowly releases the leg and observes if the legs approximate each other or if there’s a shortening of the iliopsoas and quads
  • Bicycle test: Again lying on their side, the doctor passively guides the patient's leg through a cycling motion observing for a palpable and audible snap
  • The Active iliopsoas snapping test: Patient lies on their back and the doctor passively moves the patients hip from a flexed and external rotated position to an extended position looking for movement over the iliopsoas at 30o of hip flexion
  • Snapping may be produced by abduction and external rotation of the hip if the psoas is involved.
  • Radiographs – x-rays should be taken to rule out any hip pathologies

Treatment of snapping hip syndrome:

Snapping hip syndrome can be treated with facial release, friction massage over the involved areas and stretching. Most cases are minimally symptomatic and conservative treatment generally suffices as well as treating the underlying cause, for example any leg length differences and improving the way you walk. Avoid activities that cause the snapping sensation and seeking chiropractic care can also manage snapping hip. Chiropractic care treats snapping hip syndrome by firstly correcting the structural changes that have changed the gait/walking of the patient and then treating the condition by either prescribing shoe inserts or supports, exercises to do both throughout the day and at home and adjusting the patient where needed.

Snapping hip Syndrome is a common condition in patients who are constantly and repetitively flexing and extending the hip throughout the day or during activities. It is characterised often by an audible snap sound and patients usually walk with an altered gait. At Lakeside Chiropractic our trained staff have expertise in managing Snapping hip syndrome and are confident in returning you back to a normal range of motion in the fastest possible time. Lakeside Chiropractic is located on 3/45 Central Walk Joondalup and has visitors from Two Rocks, Leederville, Ocean Keys, Whitfords, Padbury, Sinagra, Dianella, Bayswater and Bassendean. We have HICAPS in our clinic which caters for the majority of health funds including, HBF, NIB, AHM, HIF and are a BUPA and Medibank preferred providers. If you would like to discuss your condition or book in an appointment by talking to our very friendly receptionists, feel free to contact us on 93000095 or visit our website at and book via our ‘book now’ tab.

March 12, 2019