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Sleeping your way to Better Health YAY FOR SLEEP

Adopting the correct sleeping position and ensuring you have a pillow that is supportive for your head and neck, contribute to better health outcomes. Achieving between 7-9hrs a night is said to be ideal for most adults according to the sleep health foundation. Anything less have been linked to poor health and a decreased standard of living.

Simple ways in which you can ensure you’re getting a suitable night’s sleep include:

  • Limiting your time on technology
  • Scheduled meal times (especially dinner)
  • Staying hydrated as much as possible
  • Regular exercise throughout the day, so by the end of the day your body hasn’t got as much energy
  • Completing work at a reasonable time
  • Limit the amount of caffeinated drinks prior to bed
  • Read a book
  • Purchase a comfortable pillow

As a regular person would generally sleep approximately 1/3 of their lifetime, ensuring you have a suitable pillow is ideal. A well-constructed pillow can eliminate/reduce the chances of sustaining neck pain or headaches and may improve your overall health. There are many pillows that are optimal for the perfect night’s sleep. These consist of bamboo and memory foam pillows. Memory foam pillows are in extremely high demand due to their ability to mould to the patient’s head. They’re comfortable and recommended highly by chiropractors who deal with neck complaints on a daily basis.

pillow product

Complete sleepers are the number one memory foam pillow in chiropractic and can be purchased in white (soft) or pink (firm). The Complete Sleeper pillow is an adjustable memory foam pillow that has inserts that can be removed to suit your style of sleeping as well as your body size. It has 2 inserts in the middle that can be removed to adjust the angle or height preference. The top has a mushroom shaped surface to allow air flow and with removable “noodles” to adjust the preferred density more, it ticks all the boxes. Due to its concave appearance, the pillow perfectly suits your head and neck and allows one to sleep either on their back or side depending on the patient’s preference.

Implementing the changes as mentioned above and most noticeably purchasing a well-designed pillow is going to give you the greatest advantage to a good night’s sleep.

The advantages of an optimal amount of sleep include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduces stress
  • Helps to maintain a healthy heart
  • Can improve your memory
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases your awareness and makes you more alert in the morning
  • Improves concentration and productivity

At Lakeside Chiropractic we sell complete sleeper's and have been trained in the correct way to use the pillows to suit your neck posture. If you were after some additional advice on the complete sleepers or were interested in purchasing a complete sleeper pillow Lakeside Chiropractic can advise . Lakeside Chiropractic sees a high number of patients from neighbouring suburbs including, Kinsley, Heathridge, Woodvale, Tapping, Craigie, Kalaroo and Hilary’s. We have HICAPS facilities available on site for major private health insurers (NIB, HCF, HBF, AHM, HCI and HIF) and are also a part of the Medibank preferred practitioner and BUPA Members first network. If you would like to discuss any concerns, have any enquires or wish to book an appointment; feel free to contact one of our friendly staff on 9300 0095 or visit our website at





December 17, 2020