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Why See a Female Chiropractor?

The days of male dominance are long gone and now gender equality is the dominant belief system. This social equality has extended into Chiropractic. Women have a great future in the Chiropractic profession and there are many advantages of visiting a female Chiropractor.  Dr Linda Schiller is one of the most experienced female Chiropractors in the northern suburbs. She will ensure that you are comfortable during your treatment and is happy to discuss any sensitive issues.  Some other advantages of visiting a female Chiropractor are listed below.

1.       Woman’s Touch: Many people prefer a softer touch than that of a male’s hand. Females can provide this due to their more delicate design.  They may not necessarily have the same strength as a male but that means they have to focus more on perfecting their adjusting technique.  This makes their manipulations smoother, gentler and more bearable. Of course this is not always the case but as a general rule it is a good one to follow.

2.       Children & Elderly: Often time’s children and elderly patients are less apprehensive about seeing a female Chiropractor.  This is again due to the softer touch of the woman and the intimidation that one may feel when being treated by a male. With the elderly and children have more frail bodies than the average adult, seeing a female Chiropractor is often a good option for these people.

3.       Girl talk: Women often have certain health issues which they do not necessarily feel comfortable divulging to a male. With a female Chiropractor having experienced some of these herself she will have firsthand experience which she can use to relate to your pain.

4.       Boundary issues: Some patients prefer to have a female Chiropractor due to personal boundaries. Having a female Chiropractor might reduce the risk of overstepping the mark and may make the patient feel more comfortable.

5.       Pregnancy: The experience of going through pregnancy is one which is difficult to comprehend unless you have done it yourself. Having a Chiropractor who has experienced those aches, pains and sickness allows your treatment to be significantly better. Knowing where and how the pain is felt allows the Chiropractor to be more empathetic and thus provide better care.


May 23, 2014