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Searching for a Chiropractor in Perth

Searching for a Chiropractor in Perth


If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Perth, pay a visit to Dr. Linda Schiller at Lakeside Chiropractic. With over 20 years of experience in the chiropractic field, Dr. Schiller has treated a wide range of conditions in multiple professional athletes as well as to the public in general. She also holds a post-graduate diploma in Sports Chiropractic (CCSP) as well as a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic Technology, which she completed in 1999.

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No matter your needs for visiting a chiropractor in Perth, whether you just want to live a healthier lifestyle, get rid of lingering pain and stiffness, and simply need help reaching your fitness goals, Lakeside Chiropractic can help. Located at 3/45 Central Walk, Joondalup - Lakeside Chiropractic is easy to find and can offer you treatment on your very first visit. Parking is easy, as the location is very close to a large free car parking garage. You will also get more treatment time when compared to alternate chiropractors, as Lakeside Chiropractic appointments typically last up to 20min with the option for 30min appointments, instead of the standard 10-15 minutes elsewhere.



Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like yourself again? Don’t put up with stiffness, soreness, or other long-lasting feelings of physical discomfort. Let Lakeside Chiropractic aid your body reach its full potential. Take the steps to make yourself feel better today by contacting the professionals at Lakeside Chiropractic and setting up an appointment. No referrals are required; Lakeside Chiropractic is open to all members of the public.



June 04, 2014