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Is your Psoas causing your back pain?

The psoas muscle is a long spindle shaped muscle that runs from the vertebrae in your lower back to the inner aspect of your thigh bone. It functions to bend the hip joint, bringing your knee closer to your chest.

The psoas muscle commonly becomes tight and weak in people who spend long periods in the sitting position such as office workers and truck drivers. When the muscle becomes too tight it may develop muscle knots and these knots can refer pain into the lower back.

The muscle also has a close relationship with your diaphragm via connective tissues. The diaphragm separates your chest from your abdomen and allows your lungs to fill with air by flattening. When the psoas muscle becomes tight or dysfunctional it can cause concomitant dysfunction in the diaphragm. This can lead to aberrant breathing patterns or difficulty with breathing.

Because of the psoas muscles deep position within the body it is a commonly missed cause of back pain. For a comprehensive assessment of your pain visit the Clinicians at Lakeside Chiropractic. You can book an appointment by calling 9300 0095 or via the website at

October 08, 2014