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Pillows and Sleeping

The sole aim of a pillow is to support your head and neck and keep them in their ideal position. If you look at someone standing side on you will realize that the neck is not completely straight. It is curved. This curve is called the ‘Cervical Lordosis’ and it creates a gap between your neck and the bed. When purchasing a pillow, it is important that this gap is filled by the pillow. Fortunately, the size of this gap is similar to the size of the gap between the shoulder and the head which means you don’t have to change pillows every time you toss or turn in the night! But if your pillow is too small or too bulky your neck will be positioned in an awkward position. Awkward positioning of the neck for long periods of time can result in joint irritation, muscle tightness and even a wry neck.

Purchasing a shaped foam pillow which is thicker in the neck section provides the best neck support. The ‘Complete Sleeper’ is one type of foam pillow which has removable inserts so that you can change the thickness of the pillow to suit your needs. To purchase a Complete Sleeper pillow you can contact Lakeside Chiropractic on 9300 0095. The pillows cost $95.00 and are well worth it!

It is also important to change your pillow regularly. One study found that an old pillow can contain up to half a kilogram of old skin, hair and micro-organisms. EEEWWW!

May 24, 2014