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Osteoarthritis- Chiro Ocean Reef, Wanneroo, Tapping, Banksia Grove, Connolly, Carramar

Osteoarthritis ( wear and tear)  pain help near Ocean Reef, Wanneroo, Tapping, Banksia Grove, Connolly, Carramar

 Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition of the joint. It is a result of the gradual breakdown down of the cartilage protecting and allowing the smooth movement between bones. It commonly affects those around 65 years of age, as it is a “wear and tear” disease.  Osteoarthritis usually affects the knees, hips, shoulders, anywhere along the spine and the hands and feet. Chiropractic may provide an effective treatment plan to keep you active and moving!

Common symptoms of osteoarthritis include:


  • Pain- deep ache, worse with movement and better with rest

  • Stiffness in morning or after lying down

  • Limited range of motion

  • Swelling

  • Joints are warm to touch

  • Muscle weakness due to disuse of painful joint

Risk factors of osteoarthritis:


  • Old age, over 60

  • Genetic predisposition

  • Overweight

  • Injury to the joint

  • History of inflammatory joint disease

  • Metabolic or hormonal disorders

  • Repetitive use of joint- exercise, construction worker

  • Poor nutrition

  • Not getting enough sleep


The treatment of osteoarthritis is to relieve pain and improve range of motion of the joint. This can be simple lifestyle changes, which is a very important part in the management of it. Firstly you should keep physically active. Exercise can improve joint mobility and reduce pain. Exercise will also strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint. A healthy diet is also very important to maintain an ideal body weight. In the case you are overweight, losing weight can ease the pressure on joints. A healthy diet will also help reduce inflammation in your body.  Pineapple, cherries and turmeric are helpful. Avoid sugar as this increases inflammation.

And of course chiropractic care can help you by:


  • Increasing range of motion

  • Restore normal movement of the joint or spine

  • Relax muscles

  • Improve joint coordination

  • Reduce pain


Schiller Chiropractic stocks Metagenics  Glucosamine which may reduce pain, improves function, and reduces joint swelling and stiffness

If you suffer from jaw, hip, knee, hand arthritis Schiller Chiropractic has recently invested in new laser technology that improves these conditions.

Our experienced practitionersmay use a combination of chiropractic manipulation, dry needling, trigger point therapy, as well as advice on self care. This well designed management plan for osteoarthritis will help you live a full, normal, enjoyable life. If you are experiencing any symptoms of osteoarthritis or you are currently suffering from it, contact Schiller Chiropractic in Joondalup 

Online bookings visit our website for Osteoarthritis pain relief servicing the northern Perth Suburbs of Ocean Reef, Wanneroo, Tapping, Banksia Grove, Connolly, Carramar, Heathridge, Joondalup, Kinross.






August 29, 2015