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One leg longer than the other

Leg length difference is a common cause of chronic low back pain. The longer leg will carry more weight, possibly causing pain in the lower back, pelvis, hip, knee, leg and ankle.

Activities such as walking or running can significantly increase stress on that leg. Therefore checking for leg length difference is an important part of the examination process.

To treat leg length difference we reduce joint misalignments and muscle tension around the low back, pelvis and hip.
We can provide a heel lift for the short leg, levelling out the pelvis and low back. This helps reduce stress on the discs and joints in the spine, which in turn reduces muscular stiffness.

Problems from leg length difference can develop silently over time. Even small differences of 5 mm can put enough stress on a joint that arthritis can develop.
Reducing even a fraction of leg length difference can make a large positive impact on chronic low back pain. Anyone suffering from back, hip and knee and foot pain should get a thorough examination that includes a check for leg length discrepancy.

To check if you have a short leg, give Lakeside Chiropractic based in Joondalup on Central Walk a call.

November 17, 2014