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Low Back Pain Bothering You during Exercising/Training?

Low Back Pain Bothering You during Exercising/Training?

It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of Australians will develop lower back pain during their lifetime, with 15 to 20 percent of adults reporting it in an average year.

Could exercise prevent some of this pain? The short answer is YES. A consistent mixture of cardio and dedicated core work can help. However, exercise alone is not a guarantee of pain relief, as there are a number of mistakes that many of us, even experienced athletes, may make. Instead of exercising to relieve pain, it may be the opposite which contributes more of your back pain.

Stretch before every session and don’t skip your warm-up Some of us may think that warm-up is unnecessary or useless before doing any sports or vigorous activities. Many back pain issues occur when we suddenly put loads of pressure on the spine without warming up or stretching. Even though you are performing some simple task like working in the garden or jogging for few minutes, it is still better to perform some simple stretches.

Warm up for 5-10 minutes with either a low-level cardio routine or stretches. This able to gets your blood circulating and may help you avoid injury or worsened back issues over time.


Find out which move make lower back pain worse

The most common back pain is extension syndrome which usually cause discomfort while standing. Other than that it will be sitting down for hours on a chair without a back support or standing straight to a point where your leg hyperextended. Two other major back problems are flexion and rotation syndrome.

Flexion syndrome is the opposite of extension syndrome, it causes you pain while sitting instead of standing. Often we sit against the back of our chair too much will cause our spine to flex forward easily which leads to tight hamstrings and weaken back muscles.

Rotation syndrome is where you often twist on one side but not the other. You will feel pain or discomfort if you twist to one or maybe both side. Usually people who often rotate in one particular direction will have this issue. Like to look at a monitor or frequently reach a desk drawer placed on one side and reaching it often.

We must be careful with sports like tennis or golf which may increase further imbalance if we turn too much in a direction. It is highly recommended to consult a professionals that are familiar with the biomechanics of the sports especially when you are new to the sports. This way, you can have suggestions on modify your moves to prevent injury.


Don’t lift too heavy weights

Sometime you feel embarrassed for lifting lighter weight and instead, you are lifting weight heavier than your muscle can handle. If you lift weights, use correct form and only weights you can handle. (Weight machines may be easier to control than free weights, especially if you’re inexperienced). Not only lifting heavy weight contribute to back pain, it may also causes injury to other parts of your body. When you are new of weight-lifting, try to lift a lighter weight. After you got all the correct forms and posture for the exercise, you can increase the weight.


Don’t limit yourself to land-based exercises

Water-based exercise like swimming, water aerobics or other pool exercise may able to get you back into shape faster. Studies have shown that swimming benefits you from back pain by relaxing your nervous system. Reasons why your back pains because of the tense muscles and they tends to aggravate spinal conditions. Swimming release a hormone called endorphins, which relax your nervous system as well as your tense muscles.

Not only relaxing your nervous system but also relieving the pressure of your joints. Since you’re in the water, much of your body is buoyant. Which means that there is less pressure on your joints than other forms of exercise. Exercising in water supports your joints and spine, and it also increases resistance. Swimming also helps building back muscles to support your spine as it engages muscles that you don’t always use, particularly those needed to improve your spine’s stability.

3 exercises to avoid if you got low back pain

  1. Sit-ups
    Although sit-ups may strengthen the abdominal muscles, they can also put a lot of pressure on your spine, increasing the risk of disc herniation injuries. Instead, replacing this exercise with partial crunches. Partial crunches are better at isolating your abdominal muscles without risking injury to the low back. Lie on your back with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your neck, tighten your abdominal muscles and raise your shoulders off the floor, being careful not to use your arms to pull your neck off the floor. Hold, and slowly lower your shoulders back down. Repeat 15 times, or as recommended by your exercise plan. It might be helpful to have your hands placed under your low back to maintain the lumbar curve and support the pelvis.
  2. Double leg raise
    Having a strong core is a key component of managing back pain. Double leg raises (lifting both legs together while lying on your back) puts a lot of demand on your low back. You can try single leg raise instead. While lying on your back, bend one knee with your foot flat on the ground and keep the other leg straight. Slowly lift the straight leg up and hold. Lower your leg slowly.
  3. Standing toe touches
    Stretching is important to prevent injury and reduce muscle soreness after working out. It is quite common to have tight hamstrings and that may causes you back pain. However, standing toe touches may aggravate an existing back injury by compressing the spine. Try towel hamstring stretches instead. Lie on your back with one knee bent. Wrap a towel around the foot of your other leg and use it to pull the leg up. Straighten the knee as you bring that leg up. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat on the other side. Be sure to keep your back flat on the floor during this stretch.

Last but not least, please don’t ignore the pain

Most back pain will heal itself IF you don’t make them worse. Sufficient rest is also essential as stressing the muscle may just delay the healing period. However, if you notice that the pain isn’t fading away and keeps bothering you, please don’t ignore it as it may cause further damage. Take another look at the back exercise you’re doing, is it too intense that puts ton of pressure on your back? Or the incorrect posture or movement that is aggravating your back pain. Here is Lakeside Chiropractic, all our chiropractors able to diagnose and treat your underlying low back pain issue. To find pain relief and permanent solutions Feel free to call us on 9300 0095 for any inquiry or visit our website at to make a booking online.

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November 10, 2022