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Knee ligament pain Anterior Cruciate Ligament

What is Anterior Cruciate Ligament?

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the four main ligaments in the knee joint that help with stabilisation of the knee joint. The ACL is located within the knee joint and it prevents the shinbone (tibia) from sliding out in front of the thigh bone (femur). It also provides rotational stability for the knee.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Knee Injury

ACL injury is one of the most common type of knee injuries. It occurs when the ACL is sprained, partially torn or completely torn, mostly due to engaging in high intensity sports such as tennis, downhill skiing, volleyball, soccer, football, basketball and more. Most ACL injuries are complete tears that require surgical intervention to regain complete functionality of your knee. However, if you got a sprained or partial torn ACL, your local chiropractor in Lakeside Chiropractic can assist you with your healing process.

Causes of ACL knee Injury

In most cases, ACL injury occurs during high intensity activities mentioned above, however, you could also injure your ACL while performing physically challenging activities such as cleaning your garage or doing some yard work.

Often knee ligament injury can happen in the following ways:

  • Pivoting with your foot firmly planted
  • Stopping suddenly
  • Changing direction rapidly
  • Stopping down while running
  • Receiving a direct contact or collision to the knee, for example a football tackle
  • Landing from a jump incorrectly

Symptoms of AC ligamant knee Injury

Sign and symptoms of an ACL ligament knee injury often include:

  • Pain with swelling that begins within a few hours
  • Decrease in full range of movement
  • Tenderness over the joint line and discomfort while walking
  • Bruising, limping or pain when standing
  • Severe pain and inability to continue activity
  • A loud “pop” sensation in the knee


The treatment for ACL injury depends on the severity of the ACL injury.

  • Surgery – if it is a complete torn ACL, you may need to consult an orthopaedic surgeon to reattach the ligament together. After the surgery, you may consider visiting a chiropractor to assist you in healing process and return you back to normal as soon as possible.
  • Chiropractic manipulation or mobilisation – Chiropractors are able to apply some gentle manipulation on your knee to restore joint motion and functionality.
  • Knee Bracing – A good option for less severe ACL injury as it provides stability to your knee and prevent further injury, allowing your ACL to heal itself.
  • Physical rehabilitation – Rehabilitation or exercise programmes will restore your knee’s functionality and strengthen the lower limb muscles that support it, providing better stability.

At Lakeside Chiropractic, our trained professionals will provide you with chiropractic manipulation and exercise programmes that are best suited for your ACL knee injury and we utilise low level laser technique that will help reduce any inflammation or irritation that might be causing the pain. Lakeside chiropractic is located in Joondalup in Perth’s north and has visitors from many different suburbs including, Padbury, Kinross, Mindarie, Sorrento, Iluka, Carramar, Currambine, Tapping, Pearsall, Hocking and Woodvale. HICAPS Facilities available on site for major private health insurers (NIB, HCF, HBF, AHM, HCI and HIF) and also a part of the Medibank preferred practitioner and BUPA Members first network. If you would like to discuss any concerns, have any enquires or wish to book an appointment; feel free to contact one of our friendly staff on 9300 0095 or visit our website at

June 04, 2020