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JOINT CRACKING by Dr Rafael Rogalski Chiropractor at Schiller Chiropractic

JOINT CRACKING at Lakeside Chiropractic.

When you get chiropractic adjustment there is sometimes an audible pop from the joint. It may sound uncomfortable, but it relieves pain quite effectively. It is also not associated with any adverse health effects i.e. arthritis. (This has been proven to be a myth)
But what happens to the joint when it pops?
Well, a joint is the space where two bones meet. At the ends of each bone is a cartilage that acts as a cushion. Connecting the cartilage and bone is a sack/membrane filled with thick, viscous fluid that acts as a lubricant. Bending the joint causes the sack/membrane to stretch, which leads to a pressure drop inside of it and a bubble of gas to be formed creating that distinct popping sound. This whole process is called tribonucleation.

Here is a real time video of joint cracking ,this process was captured on MRI of a person cracking their knuckles.
Getting a chiropractic adjustment may help with back pain, neck pain, trapped nerves, pelvic pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle and foot pain, elbow and wrist pain. We can even adjust your big toe!!
We are more than just about the spine!
Here at Lakeside Chiropractic located in Joondalup, Perth, Dr Linda Schiller and associates are experts at getting joints to adjust (crack). You are in trusted hands. This may give you instant better pain relief and faster results than just massaging or mobilising joints.
Tell your friends and family about us, Thanks for your support. Our passion is to fix your joints so they function 100%.

May 08, 2015