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ITB Iliotibial Band syndrome pain in outside of knee or side of thigh Chiro Joondalup

Are you a runner or highly active individual suffering from pain on the outside of your knee? You do not recall a specific time you injured it and it has just come on out of nowhere? There is a high chance the pain is caused by iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome. Your ITB is a long band of connective tissue running on the outside of your leg, starting from your glutes and hip flexors attaching to the outside of the lower leg. As it is an overuse injury and caused by a repetitive movement, it is most commonly seen in runners. When the ITB slides back and forth over the bone on the side of the knee, it causes friction and therefor causes pain, irritation and inflammation. 

What are the causes for the ITB- iliotibial band rubbing against the bone? It tends to primarily be due to muscular imbalances, either a tightness or weakness causing the ITB to pull in a way that it shouldn’t.

  • Weak hip, gluteal muscles
  • Weak abdominal muscles
  • Weak hip rotators
  • Weak quadriceps muscles
  • Some other causes that aren’t attributed to muscle imbalances include:
  • Poor running technique
  • Lack of support in the arch of the foot
  • Poor footwear
  • Increase in distance of running

What are the symptoms you may experience?

  • Sharp, burning sensation on the outer aspect of the knee
  • Inflammation and swelling at the knee
  • Pain at the start of bending the knee
  • Pain that increases with activity

Here at Lakeside Chiropractic our sports chiropractors may be able to lesson pain, provide advice and improve symptoms of ITB or outside knee/ thigh pain. Our sport qualified chiropractors are well trained in diagnosing and treating ITB syndrome. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 9300 0095 or book online at We are located in Central Walk, Joondalup – 6027, we are central to suburbs Kinross – 6028, Iluka – 6028, Woodvale – 6026, Kingsley – 6026, Edgewater – 6027, Hillarys – 6025 and Padbury – 6025.

July 27, 2017