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Is it back pain or hip pain I am experiencing

Confusion between back pain and hip pain-Lakeside Chiropractic

Dr Schiller Joondalup, Perth  6027Usually when people are experiencing pain around their hip, they will consult their doctor or manual therapist for help and will often be diagnosed as hip pain, however, this may not always be the case. Hip pain can be a result of injuries within the hip joint itself or issues within the lower back region that radiate the pain to the hip area. Sometimes, patients will also be confused about the origin of pain due to the lack of understanding about the hip and back anatomy. Furthermore, there is a chance that the cause of hip pain is not only originating from the hip itself or the lower back, but both simultaneously. Therefore, it could be challenging sometimes for a patient or practitioner to determine the actual origin of the pain. As a result, patients with actual hip injury have been reported to consult 3 providers on average before getting the correct diagnosis. With incorrect diagnosis, patient will be getting the wrong imaging and inappropriate treatments that might do more harm than good to the patient.

If pain originates from the back usual pattern of symptoms

  • Pain in the back
  • Pain can travel further down towards the leg
  • Can cause sciatic-like pain in the upper leg and hip
  • Pain in the gluteal region (behind the hip, easily confused with hip region)
  • Pain worsen while sitting
  • Walking relieve pain

If the pain originates from the hip - Usual pattern of symptoms

  • Pain radiates to the knee
  • Pain worsen with continued activity such as walking
  • Pain worsen with light activity such as rolling on bed
  • Sitting or lying down relieves pain
  • Limited hip movement
  • Groin pain on affected side
  • Pain in the inner and front part of the thigh

Getting an accurate diagnosis

A treatment should never begin without a diagnosis and an accurate diagnosis will assure that the treatment is best suited for the patient’s condition. In order to get an accurate diagnosis, patient should seek help from general practitioner or chiropractors to get a thorough history taking and physical examination, which is a great way to get some essential information for diagnosis. An x-rays or MRI imaging will be very beneficial for diagnosis too as it will show which specific bone or cartilage is having changes that might cause a nerve impingement, which may be the source of pain.

Treatments for hip and back pain

Lakeside Chiropractic Joondalup, Perth  6027In most cases, patient diagnosed with hip pain or back pain can recover with non-surgical treatments such as manual therapy. According to many studies, manual therapy such as chiropractic adjustment is effective for lower back pain and hip pain. Chiropractic treatments for lower back pain will usually involve spinal manipulation that will help reducing the nerve irritability and restore the range of motion in the back. Furthermore, exercise and stretching programmes will be given to the patient to increase the range of motion of the restricted areas. For patients with hip pain, a personalised treatment plan would be provided that may include chiropractic adjustment, exercise programme, electrotherapy, low level laser, posture advice, stretching and massage.

At Lakeside Chiropractic, in addition to all the treatment methods mentioned above, we also provide our patients with low lover laser therapy and interferential stimulation with the goal of reducing inflammation and releasing the tension within the muscles surrounding the source of pain for better manual manipulation outcome.

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March 26, 2020