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Inversion Therapy - Lakeside chiropractic

What is inversion therapy?

Inversion therapy, also called as spinal traction is a theory where your body being upside down in order to ease the pressure of gravity on your nerves and discs in your spine. This inversion therapy is done using inversion table. Not only the table is able to relieve compressed spinal discs, you can use these tables to relieve back pain and sciatica pain as well.

Is Inversion therapy effective?

Well, some people use them as a general way to gently stretch joints and muscle or even, to relax! However, there is mixed evidence on whether these tables are effective treatment for the pain or not. Some studies support the idea of inversion therapy where it able to provide stretching and circulatory benefits to help prevent future related health issues. On the other hand, some studies are inconclusive whether inversion therapy works.

In theory, inversion therapy aids the spine by

  • Increasing the space between joints to create more protective fluid around spinal disc
  • Increasing blood circulation around the vertebral discs
  • Decreasing inflammation by promoting healing
  • Removing waste/toxins from spine

Relieving back pain and sciatica pain.

Some people find that they offer short-term relief from low back or compressed disc pain. It’s probably not an effective long-term treatment. A 2012 study from England showed that inversion therapy combined with physical therapy was an effective treatment for sciatica pain from a protruding disc. It may reduce the need for back surgery.

Type of inversion devices and technique uses for inversion therapy

Inversion Tables

These tables are meant to stretch your back for a few minutes by standing in them while upside down.

The prices vary depending on the feature, some cost as little as $100, and others costing upward of $400.


Inversion Chairs

The concepts are similar with the table, just that a person will sit instead of stand.

These chairs run between $150-$450 depending on brand and model.


Alternative Methods

Some other methods can be done through certain poses such as shoulder stands, headstands, and handstands. You may require some guidance from a certified yoga instructor and the classes cost as little as $15 per group session, while one-on-one may cost around $100 per session.


Risk of Inversion Tables

Along with the possible benefits of using inversion tables for back pain, some risks are associated with their use as well, especially in certain populations. A 1984 study found inversion therapy increased pressure in the eye, and a small 1986 study of 18 men found spending 7 minutes upside down increased blood pressure.

You shouldn’t undergo inversion therapy if you have any eye disease, heart disease, a history of strokes, you’re pregnant or have a number of other medical conditions. Check with your chiropractor to see if inversion therapy would be beneficial for you before trying an inversion table.

How to use inversion table safely?

Talk to Your Chiropractor - While most healthy people with no risk factors can use an inversion table without complications, it’s important to talk to your doctor before trying inversion therapy, especially if you have eye issues or high blood pressure.

Have a Spotter - Using an inversion table can be tricky at first, so have someone around who can help you to get on and off the device until you’re fully comfortable using it on your own. This person can also help make sure you’re strapped in correctly.

Start Slowly - Ease into your inversion table sessions by tipping back slightly at a 30-degree angle. For seniors, tilting just 10 degrees may provide relief. Once you get used to it, you can find the angle that’s best for you.

When it comes to the length of a session, see how one or two minutes a day feels before adding more time. Research suggests three minutes at a 60-degree tilt is where patients tend to feel the most relief.

Bottom line

Consider the benefits and likelihood of back pain improvement with inversion therapy before purchasing a table, chair. You may also be able find a gym that has inversion therapy equipment for you to try before purchasing one.


There’s no evidence to support that using an inversion table is more beneficial than performing inversion in standing or sitting positions. Talk to your chiropractor if you’re interested in the benefits of inversion therapy. Here in Lakeside Chiropractic, our chiropractors are able to determine whether this therapy is right for you. We also able to offer you more effective treatments, home remedies, and exercises for back pain. If you do feel any back pain, sciatica or any pain related symptom, feel free to call us and book an appointment on 9300 0095 or visit our website at for any enquiries.

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September 27, 2022