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Internal Coccyx Adjustments Tailbone pain Perth Chiropractic Care

Your coccyx, commonly known as your tail bone, is made of 3-5 separate or fused vertebrae. The coccyx (tailbone) is connected to the sacrum by a disc, with tightly bound ligaments holding it both together – this makes the joint very immobile. Although it is rare for the coccyx to be injured or cause pain, it is still very much possible. Due to the structure being very immobile, any excess pressure can irritate the surrounding ligaments or damage the bone itself. While coccyx- tail bone pain usually presents after a fall or vaginal childbirth, it can potentially occur in other ways such as prolonged activities that applies pressure directly to the tail bone or if your pelvis is misaligned. Coccyx- tailbone pain is more common in females as they have a broader pelvis, which increases the pressure on the coccyx when sitting. Women’s coccyx are also rotated making it more prone to injury.

Coccydynia is the clinical name for tail bone pain. Tail bone pain usually increases with sitting, any increase in pressure to the lower back, bowel movements and in women either before or during menstruation. Coccydynia usually resolves fairly rapidly after treatment. However, if ignored and not treated, it may become a chronic issue.

Chiropractors are trained to treat the majority of tail bone pain via manipulation or mobilisation to the joint. An internal coccyx adjustment can be done by your chiropractor to realign structures, decrease inflammation, and stretch ligaments. Internal coccyx adjustments are done gently and as comfortably as possible for the patient. Though the internal coccyx adjustment can be uncomfortable, it is not painful. It is a procedure that can be stopped at any time if the patient feels in discomfort or pain.  The adjustment can take 2-5 minutes. If the coccyx itself was out of place, after correction it will stay unless reinjured. However, you may require follow up treatments depending on the severity and irritation of the surrounding ligaments and structures, especially in chronic cases. Once your coccyx pain has been addressed, it is important to address the surrounding areas including your pelvis and lumbar spine to restore their normal function.

Lakeside Chiropractic care centre in Perth - Dr Linda Schiller has treated many cases requiring internal coccyx adjustments, achieving numerous positive results. Our chiropractors use a range of modalities depending on what you require and individual preference! Lakeside chiropractic offers interferential therapy, ultrasound therapy, dry needling, chiropractic adjustments and mobilisations, and prescribe exercise and stretches, with advice on how to assist in the recovery.

If you are experiencing coccyx- tail bone pain after a fall or have pain in that region without a suspected or known cause, feel free to contact Dr Linda Schiller at Lakeside Chiropractic. Our chiropractors will perform a thorough examination, and identify what is causing this pain. In the case it is your coccyx, our chiropractors can perform an internal coccyx adjustment or provide treatment that is your specific case requires. If you have coccyx pain we recommend a coccyx relief wedges with a cut out hole to relieve pressure off the tail bone. We have these in stock at our chiropractic care centre in Joondalup.

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October 25, 2016