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How children can avoid joint and back pain later in life

Footwear: It is essential your child has good quality footwear. Their shoes should be soft soled that support the ankle and have a good grip. This will reduce the affects of a heavy school bag and provide stability for their posture. Some children may need an added arch support. If you notice their arch dropping when standing we suggest you come talk to us.

Diet: What your child eats is crucial for their body’s development. This is a time of growth and establishment of their little body’s foundation. By taking an adequate supply of essential nutrients at a young age, this will assist in the development of strong bones and muscles.

School Bags: The best choice of school bag for your child is a backpack considering it is carried over both shoulders. The straps should be adjusted so the backpack sits close to the back and should not hang too low. This ensures the weight of the bag is evenly distributed, without putting excess load on one side compared to the other. Strain in the back and the development of improper posture can be prevented by following this.

Excess Baggage: Check that the items in your child’s bag are all essential items and not unnecessary load. This will significantly reduce the chances of your child suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain.

Exercise: It is crucial your child takes part in regular exercise. The more active and fitter your child is the chances of injury is significantly reduced. Exercise also greatly assists in the development of muscle and bone strength.

Computer: When using any computer consoles, ensure the set up is so that your child is sitting comfortably with their spine supported. In being carried away with the game, your child will not pay attention or realize any pain or discomfort they are in. Repeatedly sitting in this way will lead to poor posture, possible nerve damage and musculoskeletal pain.

Play Outdoors: It is parent’s role to encourage outdoor activities as this is a way incorporating exercise, for example going for a bike ride or simply playing in the playground. This is important in the growth and healthy development of a child’s body. Limiting computer games is crucial, so that your child is not always in a fixed position.

March 03, 2015