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Heel Lifts in Chiropractic Lakeside Joondalup

Heel lifts are mechanical devices that are inserted into your shoes which lengthens the shorter leg, thereby creating a level base/platform for the spine to rest on. They attempt to reduce stresses that may be placed upon the Achilles tendon and the ankle, knee and hip.

Heel lifts have been found to:

  1. Improve spinal balance
  2. Improve gait/walking
  3. Support a rotatory scoliosis of the lumbar spine
  4. Reduce the shortening/lengthening effect of hip or knee prosthesis
  5. Improve oxygen consumption
  6. Level an inferior/ lower pelvis

Heel lift therapy is safe, non-invasive and an inexpensive treatment modality used in the health care profession in the aid of leg inequality. Orthotics are similar to heel lifts although are custom made products produced to correct the underlying condition which can get expensive. Heel lifts correct anatomical short legs that are often caused by trauma, birth defect, asymmetrical growth or surgery.

Taking a patients history and postural examination is critical in determining if a heel lift is essential in treating your patient’s condition. Questions asking:

  • If they have chronic back pain
  • Have they had any major surgeries
  • Has the hip , back , knee pain  worsened overtime
  • Have they had any major falls growing up
  • Have they had this condition treated before

Providing as much detail as possible for the practitioners is essential in helping them prescribe heel lifts if their condition is in need of the device. After the history is taken, patients are taken through a physical examination that involves patients standing with their feet a shoulder width apart and the clinician examining their body landmarks. Firstly looking if the patients showing any signs of unilateral pronation in their feet, followed by an inspection of the back of the knees noting any extra flexion and internal rotation of a certain knee. Secondly an inspection of the top of the pelvis, sacral dimples and scapula are performed to see if any unleveling has occurred. Finally an examination of the patient’s lumbar spine range of motion is performed noting any restrictions in any of the movements.

To determine if a patients in need of a heel lift from observing an unleveled pelvis, the clinician asks the patients to rock up on the lateral aspect of each foot and if the pelvis remains unleveled than an anatomical short leg is present and a heel lift is required in the treatment of the condition.

At Lakeside Chiropractic our professional team are able to assist you in managing your condition and stop the constant pain in your muscles or fix the waddling gait caused by the leg length discrepancy, by prescribing heel lifts.

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September 06, 2018