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Healthy Sitting to Avoid Back Pain – A guide to healthy working in the office.

Ideal Posture When Working on a Computer

The Head
The head should be held over the shoulders and in line with the buttocks.

 The Chair

The chair should tilt forwards slightly and have a ‘rocking action’ capability. Adjust the seat height so that that hip is slightly higher than the knee joint.

 The Advanced Two Step

Place one foot in front of the other and alternate their position throughout the day.

Movement is essential; try rocking back and forwards on the chair every few minutes and standing up at regular intervals.

 Desk Height

The middle row of the keyboard should be level with the elbow. The elbow should be bent so that your forearms are parallel with the floor and the desk.


Eye Height

The top of the computer screen should be level with the eyes. The bottom of the screen should be no lower than 21o from this point.

 Ideal Posture When Writing

Head, Chair and foot position should be as per above mentioned.

 The writing Angle

When writing you should use an upward slope. This stops you from leaning forwards and keeps the head upright reducing neck and shoulder strain.

 Elbow Height

The elbow should be just below the top of the desk allowing the forearms to incline with the upward slope.


·         To maximize health benefits and avoid back pain, sit correctly.

·         The chair should be comfortable throughout the working day.

·         The controls should be easy to reach.

·         Adjust the seat and back frequently to suit the task and maintain full support.

·         If present use a forward tilt on the seat to hold the balanced spinal position.

·         Rock often.

 Stay tuned for our next blog which will reveal some more secrets to reducing back pain in the work place!

May 24, 2014