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Growing pains

Growing pains are when children complain of aches and pain in their legs without a real cause is commonly known as growing pains, typically occurring between ages 8-11 years of age. Some children still experience growing pains as a teenager. Growing pains is normal in many children but can be prevented if your child is very active, they may never experience growing pains; Less active children have a higher risk of experiencing growing pains. Exercise is a good preventative / treatment for the early onset of growing pains.

Growing pains in children can cause a lot of pain to a child. However there is no damage to the bones or muscles, it is completely harmless. The cause of growing pains is yet to be identified as bones grow slowly so there shouldn’t be any pain.

Children with Bad posture or feet that roll inwards tend to suffer from growing pains more so than others. Slouching or sitting in an awkward position also puts pressure on supporting muscles and can contribute to growing pains.

Symptoms of growing pain are:

  • Headaches depending on how often the growing pains occur;
  • Doesn’t affect physical activity.
  • Pain can be severe enough to wake up and disturb sleep.
  • Pain occurring in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Not constant pain it comes and goes during the weeks.
  • Pain is more like achy/ bruised feeling.

Treatment for growing pains could include

Heat pack, Warm shower or bath on the area, Check posture/feet if your child appears unstable, massage the affected area may help reduce pain.

Daily stretching helps reduce the pain a lot.

Stretches for growing pains- stretches for your child’s sore legs

Hamstring stretch

Lie on your back. Lift one leg off the floor as far as possible, Keeping the knee as straight as possible,. Grasp the back of your raised knee or calf with yours hands (use a towel if you can’t reach). Keeping the leg as straight as possible, slowly pull it toward your chest.

Quadriceps stretch

Stand an arm’s length from a wall.  Look straight ahead.  Place one hand against the wall.  With your other hand, grasp the ankle of the foot on the same side. Pull gently.  When you feel the stretch in your thigh, hold for 30 seconds.  Keep your knees together.  Perform 3 sets each side

Groin stretch

Laying on your back bend one leg at the knee and rotate the hip so that the bottom of one foot touches the inside of your opposite knee.  Perform 3 sets of 1 minute holds on each leg.

Calf stretch

Stand with your arms braced against a wall, both feet pointing straight ahead.  Place your foot several inches behind the other.  Bend your front leg. Keep both heels on the floor and your back straight.  Hold for 30 second each side.  Bend your back leg at the knee.


Lower back stretch

Sitting with your legs wide apart.  Lean your body out into the space between your legs and stretch out with your arms.

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January 18, 2018