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Golfer Elbow Joondalup

Are you experiencing pain over the bony bump on the inside area of your elbow? This may be due to damage to the flexors of the wrist and hands. The muscles that allow flexion of the wrist and fingers insert at this bony bump, so when they are damaged inflammation occurs causing swelling, elbow tenderness and weakness. Those suffering from Golfer’s elbow or medial elbow pain have difficulty with gripping tasks, resisted wrist and/or finger flexion, and with muscle stretch.

What is the cause of Golfer’s Elbow?

Damage to the muscles that insert at this bony prominence may be a result of over use where more force is put through than the normal tissue can with stand. The soft tissue may be in poor health making it easy to be injured, and there is also chronic cases of Golfer’s Elbow associated with degenerative changes to the surrounding joints and musculature.

Golfer’s elbow is common in the general public, however it is commonly seen in golfers due to the swinging motion of the arm. It is commonly seen manual trades involving gripping, or after a period of overuse. There is a vast variety of age groups that it can affect as it is mostly a result of physical movement, however it generally affects those 35-50 years of age. Male and female populations are equally affected, and it is mostly apparent in the dominant hand.

It is sometimes possible that the medial elbow pain is not due to the Golfer’s elbow and is actually a form of referred pain. It is very important to rule out neck dysfunction and neural tension (median nerve). The most common vertebrae is the C6/7 of the cervical spine, which transmits to median nerve that passes the medial aspect of the elbow. The median nerve itself may have reduced neural mobility, causing similar symptoms to golfers elbow.

The main treatment goals include; reducing pain, assisting in tissue repair, restoring joint range of motion, muscle strength/ length/ movement, normalising neurodynamics, and correcting cervical dysfunction.

If you are experiencing elbow pain - visit Lakeside Chiropractic, central to the northern suburbs of Perth now for a full assessment. The chiropractors here will examine your elbow and reach a concise diagnosis, and provide the most appropriate care for your elbow pain. Lakeside Chiropractic provides a multimodal approach, this includes- Soft tissue therapy,  joint mobilisation, rehabilitative exercises and stretches, activity and training advice will be given by our chiropractors to aid in recovery, education on technique and postural correction as a preventative measure, anti-inflammatory advice will be given if necessary. Dr Linda Schiller has a post graduated Sports science diploma and had 20 years of experience in dealing with extremity pain.

Lakeside Chiropractic is central to the northern suburbs of Perth located in Joondalup. We have patients visit us from the surrounding suburbs such as Iluka - 6028, Currambine - 6028, Connolly - 6027, Banksia Grove - 6031, Kinross - 6028, Edgewater - 6027, Tapping - 6065, Hillarys - 6025, Warwick - 6024, Gwelup - 6018 and Padbury - 6025. The friendly, professional chiropractors at Lakeside Chiropractic can discuss the benefits of chiropractic for your elbow pain.

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August 14, 2017