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Getting better and staying better

You are eight times more likely to have reoccurrence’s of back pain if the early signs are ignored and not actively treated! You may think rest is the answer, however most of the time this can make the cause of the pain worse. Rest can make your back stiffer and weaker.
Active chiropractic treatment will speed your body’s natural healing process and strengthen your muscles. Firstly it will eliminate the cause of the pain followed by preventing the reoccurrence of the problem. Once the body has been restored to strength and relieved of pain, the next step is to get you active again!
Lakeside Chiropractic located in central Joondalup on Central walk. Your Chiropractor does not stop just at the treatment aspect, however will advise you on the rehabilitation process which includes:

• Specific exercise’s for your body, to relieve tension and build strength
• Posture
• Bed’s and chair’s suited for you
• Diet
• Certain lifestyle choices
• Use of braces
• Strapping
• Heel lifts for leg length differences or Achilles tendonitis
• Workplace and home ergonomics

Just as you would brush your teeth by routine and go for regular checks at your dentist, it makes sense to maintain your spinal health. In order to do this take regular exercise, be sensible about your diet, get proper rest and visit a chiropractor for checkups. 

February 13, 2015