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Flexion Distraction – Best Value Chiropractic

What is it?
Flexion distraction is a form of non-surgical disc injury and low back management which has been clinically proven to be safe, efficient and cost effective. It involves the use of a specialised table that simultaneously distracts and flexes the spine in a gentle cyclic motion.

How does it work?
It has been shown that the use of flexion distraction reduces pressure within the intervertebral disc, restore motion in the spinal joints, widen the spinal canal and minimise pressure on the spinal nerve roots. The decreased pressure within the intervertebral disc creates a negative pressure, causing a vacuum effect. This vacuum sucks the extruded disc material back into place whilst simultaneously taking pressure of impinged nerve roots.

Where can I try this?
Lakeside Chiropractic offers a wide range of therapeutic techniques including those used in Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Massage and other professions in order to get you back to your best! So if you want to receive the best value Chiropractic Care in Perth you should book an appointment at Lakeside Chiropractic where a regular visit is 20-30 minutes long.

June 24, 2014