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First Visit Chiropractic Clinic in Joondalup

Your first visit at Lakeside Chiropractic includes a thorough examination conducted by Dr Linda Schiller or one of our associate chiropractors. On arrival you are required to fill out information on your particular area of complaint as well as a consent form, these can also be found online on our website. Your medical history and description of your complaint will enable our chiropractors to draw a basis on what exactly is causing your symptoms on your first visit.

Some questions on your first visit may include: What is the main area of complaint? List of any previous treatments you have received for this complaint? List of medications you are taking?  Any previous trauma?  Any history of relevant operations? The location and other types of symptoms such as double vision, dizziness, ringing in the ears, shortness of breath.

Next a physical assessment of your body will be done on the first visit to narrow down your exact diagnosis. This physical assessment includes: Range of motion of the affected part, muscle tone, muscle strength, neurological integrity. Please wear loose clothing.

After going through the patient’s history and physical examination, diagnostic studies (x-rays, MRI, CT scans) can be done to reveal pathologies or structural abnormalities to further more confirm the patient’s condition.

On your first visit if needed we will then send you for bulk billed x-rays at insight clinical imaging which is also in Joondalup. If necessary we can also send you off to take a MRI or CT scans. Our chiropractors will treat you on your first visit if appropiate.

Here at Lakeside Chiropractic our treatment doesn’t just stop at adjusting, we provide soft tissue therapy, dry needling, flexion distraction, stretching, strapping, mobilizations, ultrasound, interferential, strengthening exercises, postural advice. We pick and choose which tools will work for you best.

The initial consultation and first treatment is 40 minutes long as it is a very thorough assessment including your physical examination and treatment for the majority of the time. The initial consultation is $85 or $76 if you are with Medibank. We do accept all private health cards including Bupa, MBF, Medibank Private, HCF, HBA, Mediplan, HIF, CBHS, Smile. If imaging is required on your first visit, on the second visit your chiropractor will explain the x-rays to you followed by appropriate treatment for your condition.

If you feel you may benefit from chiropractic care, contact Lakeside Chiropractic in Joondalup and we will provide you with the best treatment from your very first visit. Our experienced chiropractors also service suburbs of Yanchep, Nowergup, Banksia Grove, Carramar, Tapping, Currambine, Wanneroo, Gnangara, Connolly, Heathridge, Edgewater, Mullaloo, Woodvale, Wangara, Kingsley, and Duncraig. To book an appointment contact the chiropractic clinic on 9300 0095, or book online at


December 28, 2015