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EOS Imaging- Are you looking for EOS imaging referrer?

EOS Imaging- Are you looking for EOS imaging referrer?

What is EOS?

eos scanEOS is a radically new imaging system, evolved from a Nobel Prize invention. For the first time, it allows radiologists and chiropractors to obtain a life-size full-body image of your skeleton in 3D, in your natural standing position. EOS imagine is a low-dose, weight-bearing X-ray. It can simultaneously take full body, frontal and side view images of the skeleton and it uses significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays or CT scans. Using EOS, 2D and 3D orthopaedic images can be produced to assist chiropractors with the diagnosis and treatment of the spine -scoliosis, hips, knees and ankles. EOS provides extremely detailed, high-quality x-ray type images that can improve a Chiropractor ability to see, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions more accurately and effectively. EOS scan are a breakthrough in the treatment and management of scoliosis.

How does EOS scan work? How long does EOS scan take?

During an EOS scan, the patient stands in an upright position inside a scanning cabin. One vertical and one horizontal X-ray beam scans the entire body to create 2D and 3D images of the spine and joins. An entire body scan takes about 20 seconds, with 9 times less radiation dose than conventional CR system. Unlike traditional X-ray imaging, these two simultaneous scans provide all the imaging necessary which captures full-body images less than 20 seconds. If a full-body image is not necessary, the EOS scan can be set to scan a particular region of the patient such as the spine, pelvis, knees or the hips.

Why do I need EOS imaging of my spine?

An EOS Scan shows natural, weight-bearing posture and allow chiropractors to evaluate spinal alignment and interaction between the spine and the rest of the musculoskeletal system, particularly the pelvis, hips and lower limbs. It is the best imaging scan for patients with scoliosis, leg length discrepancy and spinal disorders. It allows for the chiropractors to take a holistic approach to your condition. Such as you might have a short leg or twisted knee that’s causing your pelvis to tilt, leading to your spine bending in the wrong way.

Is it safe for children?

Yes. EOS scan is an ultra-low dose X-ray imaging system. It is the best imaging scan for children with suspecting scoliosis. EOS uses a Nobel Prize winning detector design capable of capturing more X-rays than a conventional X-ray detector. Fewer X-rays are needed to create a high-quality image because fewer photons are required to produce the diagnostic image. Technical parameters of the acquisition are also adjusted for the size and age of the patient to maintain the lowest dose possible. EOS scans are recommended for children with suspected scoliosis and follow up management of the curve. EOS is quick. An entire body scan takes about 15 seconds for a for a child, and the images can be reviewed instantly by the radiographer digitally.

How much will the EOS scan cost? When can I get my results?

EOS scans are bulk billed to Medicare, provided that you are referred by one of our chiropractors at Lakeside chiropractic. Image obtained from your EOS scan are digitally recorded and stored. A subspecialty train radiologist interprets the images and provides a detailed report for your chiropractor within 24 hours. Your chiropractor at Lakeside chiropractic will review the EOS scan with you at your next appointment.

Where can I get the EOS scan?

eos scanAs it is a fairly new technology, currently only 3 SKG RADIOLOGY branches in Western Australia provide EOS scan, which is Hollywood, Subiaco and Wexford. Please give them a call to make an appointment after you have received your referral from one of our chiropractors at Lakeside chiropractic.

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June 07, 2022