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Elevating Athletic Performance: Lakeside Chiropractic's Impact at FitSpot Event

Elevating Athletic Performance: Lakeside Chiropractic's Impact at FitSpot Event

Last weekend at the FitSpot event held at Pentanet Stadium (HBF Arena) in Joondalup, athletes received a remarkable boost to their game thanks to the skill of Dr. Linda Schiller from Lakeside Chiropractic. Dr. Linda dedicated her time to providing complimentary chiropractic care, aiding athletes in their recovery, movement and enhancing their overall performance on the field.

FitSpot events are renowned for promoting health and wellness among athletes, and Dr. Linda's presence added an invaluable dimension to the experience. With her specialized knowledge and skillset, she offered tailored treatments to address athletes' specific needs, whether it be alleviating muscle tension, improving flexibility, or enhancing overall physical well-being.

Dr. Linda Schiller providing chiropractic care to athlete at FitSpot event in Joondalup

As an experienced chiropractor, Dr. Linda understands the unique demands that athletes face. From professional competitors to weekend warriors, every athlete can benefit from optimized spinal health and musculoskeletal alignment. By offering her services free of charge at the FitSpot event, Dr. Linda exemplified Lakeside Chiropractic's commitment to supporting the athletic community and promoting peak performance through holistic healthcare.

But the impact doesn't stop there. Dr. Linda and other practitioners from Lakeside Chiropractic are gearing up for the next FitSpot event, the HYROX PERFORMANCE + ERG ARMY CERTIFICATION, scheduled for Sunday, February 25th, 2024, at HBF Stadium - Arena 2, 100 Stephenson Avenue, Mount Claremont, WA. Once again, they will be providing complimentary spinal checks and massages to attendees, furthering their mission to empower athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Lakeside Chiropractic team member providing care to athlete at FitSpot event in Joondalup

For those eager to experience the benefits of chiropractic care beyond the FitSpot events, Lakeside Chiropractic offers convenient booking options. Whether you prefer to schedule an appointment online at or give them a call at 9300 0095, their team is ready to assist you on your journey toward enhanced performance, recovery, and overall well-being.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your game with Lakeside Chiropractic. Join them at the upcoming FitSpot event and discover the difference chiropractic care can make in your athletic pursuits. Your body will thank you for it.

February 28, 2024