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Diastasis Recti Separated Tummy Muscles Northern Suburbs Perth

Are you asked if you are pregnant and you child is 4 years old? 

Do you have trouble with lower back pain? Ever lifted weights incorrectly at the gym? It’s possible that your stomach muscles have separated and need some help getting back together.
Diastasis recti is the medical term for the guy gut or after baby tummy. Everyone is born with their tummy muscles separated, it just depends on how long it takes to close the separation. There is always a risk of them separating again due to continuous force on the tissue. These forces can be 

  • Weight gain on the abdominal area
  • A growing baby in the uterus, or
  • Doing abdominal and weight lifting exercises incorrectly

The abdominal muscles are designed to hold you in shape and give your body support but once the muscles have stretched too thin the connective tissue is all that is left to hold you together. The roundness of your tummy is due to your internal organs pushing on the connective tissues. In extreme cases it can turn into ventral hernia which needs to surgery to correct. Your abdominal muscles and core muscles help support your lower back, without them you will have lower back pain.

The benefits of exercising and closing the gap in your muscles will relieve most of the back issues you are experiencing as well as strengthening your core, support and protect your internal organs, help with improved pelvic floor strength and over all stronger muscles for your back and spine. Closing the separation is all about healing the connective tissue. 

To get you back into shape and keeping your core muscles doing their job, gentle exercises are needed. You can do these at any time after the separation has occurred, whether it 3 months, 3 years or 3 decades. You just have to start. The wider the distance of the muscles the longer it will take and more commitment you will need.

When starting an exercises regime you should always be guided by a health profession. Be gentle with the exercises, increase the intensity only once your body in comfortable. Some exercises like sit ups and crunches can make the issue worse. 

Here at Lakeside Chiropractic may be  able to assist in closing the gap in your stomach muscles with our Core Strengthening exercises on our website. These are easy starter exercises with progressions once your muscles have started to strengthen. If it is uncomfortable to do then stop and ask for help or clarification at your next visit with one of our friendly chiropractors.

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February 09, 2017