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Dangers of Screen Time on Your Body

Dangers of Screen Time on Your Body

From young children to old adults, most of us get a fair amount of daily screen time from heaps of different digital devices. We consume so much screen time that it is easy to forget the negative side effects of screen time. Research shows that excess screen time can impair sleep problems or even lead to chronic conditions. Here are some dangers of screen time on the body and tips to reduce screen time.

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Dangers of screen time on the body [1][2]:

  1. Sleep problems
    The blue light emitted from your phone is not only bad for vision but it’s bad for your brain too. Studies found that there is correlation between suppressed level of melatonin and exposure to blue light. Melatonin is a hormone responsible controlling sleep cycle. So, when melatonin level is disrupted, you can experience insomnia, tiredness during the day and create sleeping problems.
  2. Chronic neck pain
    Our bodies are not naturally equipped to hunch over monitors or look down at screens, and it could be doing damage to our spines, neck and back. Looking down at your smartphone can put a lot of pressure on your neck, which is six times the weight your neck holds when you’re standing upright. This additional pressure can lead to chronic neck pain and even pain in your whole back.
  3. Weight changes
    When using screens, we are typically inactive and use up little energy, thus it displaces time that could be spent being more physically active. Being inactive can disrupt our normal appetite and lead to passively eating more than is needed. Furthermore, screen time can increase exposure to marketing of food that promote weight gain.

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Tips to reduce screen time [3]:

  1. Take up hobby for boredom
    Many of us use social media to stave off boredom. Taking up a new hobby can help you kill some time such as do a craft activity or do sports. This can help kill the urge to aimlessly scroll through social media and therefore reduce screen time.
  2. Set a timer
    If you enjoy using social media like Facebook and Instagram, try set a limit on how much time per day you spend there and slowing reducing the screen time, especially on weekends where your screen time is high.
  3. Establish tech-free zones
    It is simply easy to establish a tech-free zone in your own place. For example, establish a tech-free zone in the kitchen whether it’s during meal times or an hour or two before bed.


It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle which optimally supports body. The above tips are powerful behavioural interventions which can be adopted by anyone. At Lakeside Chiropractic, our experienced and holistic chiropractors can provide information and resources about living a healthy lifestyle to improve overall better health outcomes. If you have any enquiries or would like to book an appointment, feel free to contact one of our friendly staff on 9300 0095 or visit our website at

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November 29, 2021