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Connecting low back pain with our mind and social life

Connecting low back pain with our mind and social life

Low back pain, a common experience for many, isn't solely influenced by our movement or posture. Although it's often attributed to factors such as poor posture or muscular problems, there's more to it. Research found that low back pain is influenced by three main things: our body, our psychology, and our social life.

First, our body plays an influential role. Things like our genes, the way our body is built, and issues in our spine may increase the likelihood to have back pain. But interestingly, just having these problems doesn't always mean we'll have lots of pain. It's a bit like having a car with some engine issues – it might still run fine. Additionally, risk factors such as age, history of chronic diseases and physical fitness may also impact how our bodies respond to daily stresses, influencing the likelihood of experiencing low back pain. Taking care of our bodies through regular exercise and healthy habits becomes crucial in preventing and managing back pain effectively.

Our mind matters too. Stress, feeling down, or being anxious may make our back pain worse. The brain and the body are connected, so how we feel emotionally may affect how much pain we feel physically. It's a two-way street – pain may affect our emotions, and our emotions may affect our pain. Moreover, learning ways to manage stress, practicing relaxation techniques, and fostering a positive mindset may serve as powerful tools in alleviating and preventing the impact of psychological factors on low back pain. By addressing the mind-body connection, individuals may develop strategies to cope with pain more effectively.

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Social life and daily activities play a role too. If our job involves being in a static position all day or doing repetitive heavy lifting, that may add stress to our backs. Even the people around us and the support we get from friends and family may influence how we cope with back pain. Engaging in regular physical activities, maintaining a balanced work-life routine, and seeking social support are essential components in managing and preventing low back pain. Encouraging workplaces to promote ergonomic practices and providing resources for employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance may contribute significantly to reducing the impact of daily activities on back health.

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Understanding that low back pain is not just about our body but also about our thoughts, feelings, and daily life is essential. Here in Lakeside chiropractic, our chiropractors consider all these aspects and come up with treatment plans and management tailored to you. So, next time your back hurts, it's not just about how you move – it's a combination of your body, mind, and life. Moreover, integrating a comprehensive treatment approach involving physical therapy, psychological support, and lifestyle modifications that supplement your overall health. Please don’t hesitate to call us to book an appointment at 9300 0095 or visit our website at

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December 27, 2023