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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Chiropractic care in Perth

We have had a few patients in our Chiropractic centre in Perth (northern suburbs) that have benefited for chiropractic treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. We understand the condition is chronic and relentless. This requires great psychological perseverance and commitment. My advice to you is to keep up the fight and find good people that can assist your recovery.  Good mobilisation techniques to the affected joints also aid healing and improve mobility,in conjunction with certain slow steady exercises to be useful. Don’t limit yourself to one treatment modality. 

Complex regional pain syndrome occurs after an injury or traumatic event, such as breaking or fracturing a bone. It most commonly affects the upper or lower limbs, especially if they are kept in a fixed position over long periods in a cast or brace. The symptoms (pain, swelling and decreased limb function) can vary from moderate to severe. It can last for months to years, depending on the individual and the severity of the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Symptoms of Complex regional pain Syndrome:

  • ​Burning/ throbbing pain in the upper or lower limb
  • Loss of fine motor control (writing/ typing)
  • Decreased ability to move affected limb
  • Skin sensitivity to hot/cold
  • Stiffness
  • Tremors
  • Spasms
  • Changes to skin ( warm/cold, sweaty/dry), hair, nails
  • Pain of the affected limb that never stops , constant pain
  • Loss of strength
  • Feeling that the limb does not belong to you

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is due to a disruption in one of the body’s systems. These include the Sympathetic nervous system, which controls involuntary movement (e.g. sweat production); the Somatic nervous system dysfunction, which passes messages between the brain and limbs (e.g. strange sensations, feeling that your arm doesn’t belong to you). Hypoxia which is a reduction in oxygen supply to tissues due to reduced blood flow is another possible mechanism causing complex regional pain syndrome. Neurogenic inflammation presents as redness and swelling, being another potential cause of the pain syndrome.

There are a variety of treatment approaches for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Physical therapy plays a large role in terms of the pain reduction and restoring normal movement within the affected limb. Chiropractic care can assist in the recovery by treating the pain site and relieving symptoms initially using- soft tissue therapy, mobilisations to surrounding joints, dry needling, interferential, and trigger point therapy. Once pain is managed, the functional aspect can be addressed. Restoring strength and normal movement within the muscles and joints can be done by specific exercise programs. This will also retrain the brain in processing and initiating the movements that were inhibited by the pain syndrome.

The extreme pain, swelling and break down of muscle can develop into substantial weakness, and decrease movement in joints and muscles. If Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is to be left untreated this can lead to significant functional limitations and disability. If you think you may be experiencing these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact Lakeside Chiropractic Centre in Perth - Joondalup. Our  experienced chiropractors will be able to assess and correctly care for your condition.

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September 20, 2016