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Common Posture problems and how to help Chiropractor Northern suburbs Perth

In March 2016 a study was conducted on posture and movement on 25 fitness professionals, all whom exercise regularly. After the posture assessment had concluded it was found that shockingly everyone had moderate to severe posture problems.
It is very likely that you too can have a moderate to severe postural problem which can affect your health and performance. We will address the 2 most common posture problems caused by a sedentary (desk-bound) lifestyle. The cause and possible solution will be discussed with each with these two problems. 

Problem #1: Over-Pronated feet Posture 
Cause: Obesity, pregnancy, improper footwear or repetitive pounding on a hard surface can weaken the arch leading to over-pronation and flat feet. Over-pronation adds stress to the foot and tightens calf muscles.
Solution: If the arch has already fallen. Orthotics are the best option. If the arch is already in the process in falling, or weak, running or walking barefoot may help to strengthen the arches.

Posture Problem #2: Hunchback- kyphosis
Cause: Sitting with bad posture especially when you’re doing office work. To identify the issue, get someone to take a photo of you standing sideways, if you notice your upper back extremely curved (greater than 40-45 degrees) you have a hunchback posture. Sitting hunched over a computer screen forces chest to tighten, which can cause excessive curvature (kyphosis) of the upper back.
Solution: Relieve chest tightness with a massage ball and stretching.  Strengthening exercises for the upper back (thoracic spine). Be mindful to sit up straight. Schiller Technique exercises on our website also reduce tightness. Foam rolling your upper back also helps- see foam roller exercises on exercise section of our website. X-rays of your upper back can also be useful in determining the extent of the hunch back.

At Lakeside Chiropractic our friendly, professional chiropractors are able to diagnose and then set up a treatment plan for you and give you the best advice. These can include visits to the chiropractor and at home stretching and exercises. Book in for an assessment today by calling us on 9300 0095 or visiting our website on With HICAPs onsite we can claim direct from your Health Fund. We are a Medibank preferred provider but can claim for HBF, NIB, CU Health and Bupa. If your fund is not listed please ask.

December 20, 2016