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Chiropractors are Treating New Conditions since COVID19 Outbreak

With patients forced to work from home and medical care hard to come by due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, chiropractors are seeing a lot of variety in different conditions presenting to the clinic. Patients that have had their elective surgeries cancelled or those unable to attend a physio due to their closures and people experiencing pain due to sitting on incorrect chairs working from home are entering our clinic who we wouldn’t usually see. We have also seen patients experiencing pain as they have stopped their normal fitness routine most commonly leading to back or hip pain. Lakeside Chiropractic has been beneficial for these patients as it's a practise that has stayed open for the duration of the disease, with many people finding relief of their pain during these challenging times.

Lakeside Chiropractic provides multiple treatment options to help relieve your symptoms including:

  • Manipulations/mobilisations
  • Soft tissue therapy- massage, thumper, trigger point therapy, pin and stretch, instrument assisted soft tissue therapy
  • Traction/flexion distraction
  • Blocking
  • Drop adjusting
  • Dry needling
  • Interferential therapy- suction cups
  • Exercises to complete and take home
  • Cold/low level Laser Therapy

Work station Positioning

work station poor postureDue to working from home, you can often get lazy and start to slouch the shoulders forward and let everything go floppy. It is vital that you maintain an upright posture and position the computer appropriately at your head height to ensure you’re not constantly looking down and position the keyboard so that it isn’t too low. Sitting in the correct chair can also be highly beneficial as often these can lead to back problems as well. The perfect chair consists of an adjustable height, adjustable back that follows the shape of the spine, cushioned but not too soft and preferably memory foam, arm supports to relax shoulders, feet should just touch the floor and have lumbar (low back) support.

Breaks every hour is another essential component of preventing neck or back pain and regular short exercises can help prevent pain. Simple exercises like hamstring, quadriceps and glut stretches has been shown to have benefits on reducing pain due to a sedentary lifestyle and reduce inflammation. Scheduling home exercises 3-4x a week on specific days and times will allow you to maintain the very much needed exercise routine.

Elective Surgery Patients

Patients that are currently waiting on surgeries for conditions like rotator cuff/ biceps/gluteal tears or ankle and ligament reconstructions may benefit from chiropractic care. The chiropractors at Lakeside Chiropractic can design exercise programs to help maintain strength prior to surgery and treat your condition using acupuncture/dry needling and interferential to reduce pain and inflammation. Strapping or bracing can also be used to support the damaged area whilst you wait for surgery.

With the range of treatment modalities as mentioned above and many more, Lakeside Chiropractic is able to treat a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. If you have been forced to work from home, unable to visit a physiotherapist or want to avoid the hospitals over this period, Lakeside Chiropractic may help relieve your pain and prevent the reoccurrence of the injury.

Dr Linda Schiller treating patient​At Lakeside the chiropractors are trained at diagnosing your condition and planning the most appropriate treatment option for yourself. There haven’t been too many conditions we haven’t been able to treat, so if you’re experiencing pain and would like someone to examine and manage your condition Lakeside Chiropractic may enhance your recovery.

Situated in the middle of Joondalup, Lakeside Chiropractic has many visitors from neighbouring suburbs including Jindalee, Ellenbrook, Ocean Keys, Burns Beach, Clarkson, Padbury and Beldon. We have HICAPS facilities on site to assist in the expense of your treatment and are BUPA and Medibank preferred providers, however take many others including, HIF, HBF, NIB, etc. To book an appointment you can contact us on 93000095 and speak with our receptionist or book via our ‘book now’ tab on our website We look forward to hearing from you soon and treating your condition.

April 23, 2020