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Chiropractic Managing Musculoskeletal Causes of Intrauterine Constraint

Dr Schiller adjusts pregnant woman

During pregnancy and as the body grows the ligaments around the pelvis relax to allow the pelvic bones to spread out. Therefore the movement can end up asymmetric, meaning your lower back or sacrum can be tilted or rotated a certain way rather than being neutral.

Intrauterine constraint can adversely affect the spine during pregnancy and not allow ideal birthing position for baby. 13% of all caesarean deliveries are due to baby being in a breech position and in the USA 86% of babies with breech position are delivered by caesarean section.

Chiropractic is likely to help with pregnancy by allowing proper pelvic, spinal movement and ligament relief. Here at Lakeside Chiropractic we use the Webster Technique.

December 01, 2020