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Chiropractic helps athletes jump higher after an ankle injury

ankle adjustmentAfter sustaining an ankle injury, many soft tissue and bone structures surrounding the ankle joint can be affected resulting in a significant decrease in ankle mobility. The rehabilitation and manual therapy following an injury to the ankle is essential in restoring the normal range of motion and potentially improving the strength around the ankle joint for better outcomes. Chiropractic has been beneficial in allowing athletes to jump higher and be more agile after sustaining an ankle injury.

Chiropractors first assess the severity of the ankle injury by performing a few examinations and tests and more often than not sending patients off for further imaging to identify the depth to which the tissues are damaged. After the examinations and tests, chiropractors construct a plan of attack going forward to restore normal functioning and improve range of motion.

Chiropractors use a range of different techniques including:

a) Soft tissue work- massage, trigger point therapy, pin and stretch, interferential machines, and dry needling to relieve the tension around the ligaments and muscles that have been tort because of the injury

b) Ankle mobilisations/adjustments- These can be done using a Thuli board or most commonly passively by the practitioners to ensure optimal alignment and restore normal range of motion within the ankle

c) Support taping- Used in conjunction with the above therapies to not restrict movement but to make the athlete aware of the correct postural position the foot should be in

d) Rehabilitation exercises- Depending on the severity of the ankle injury, the timing, and the mechanism of injury, Chiropractors will compromise a list of exercises to complete within the clinic and also a list to work through at home during the days it's not being worked on manually.

Chiropractors utilise all of the above techniques in conjunction with each other to help athletes return to their activities or sport in the fastest time possible. As long as the athlete is compliant with his exercise at home and attends the recommended treatment condition for his ankle injury, they should make a full recovery and more often than not notice better outcomes than previously before the injury. This is because the athlete is now conscious of the mechanisms that he needs to focus on and can now build upon the exercises first applied to improve strength surrounding the ankle joint. At Lakeside Chiropractic we have examined many athletes with ankle injuries and provided treatment which has, in turn, helped athletes improve upon their level of activity/ sport and in some cases seen athletes jump higher than they previously did before the injury.

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If you are an athlete who has sustained an ankle injury in a certain activity or sport and would like your condition managed in the fastest time possible, Lakeside Chiropractic can be of your service. Lakeside Chiropractic assist in restoring your ankle mobility and allow you to jump higher following an ankle injury. Centrally located in the heart of Joondalup in Perth’s north, Lakeside Chiropractic has visitors from mainly Neighbouring suburbs including, Heathridge, Kingsley, Woodvale, Beldon, and Tapping, although sees patients regularly from Perth's southern suburbs and others out of the Perth region. We have HICAPS facilities on-site which account for many health funds and are BUPA and Medibank preferred providers. To book an appointment with us or to receive further information about your condition you can call us on (08) 93000095 to talk to one of our lovely receptionists or book via our 'book now' tab on our website

March 08, 2021